Haiku Poems

As part of their poetry unit, the students in 3/4C have been learning about haiku poems.

Haiku poems originate in Japan and traditionally celebrate an appreciation for beauty and nature. Plants, animals, seasons, water and weather are often the subjects of haiku.

A haiku poem has 3 lines and 17 syllables with the following format

Line 1: 5 syllables

Line 2: 7 syllables

Line 3: 5 syllables

After selecting a topic, the students in 3/4C brainstormed words and phrases associated with their topic.

There was some problem solving involved to meet the required syllable count. Students also had to make sure their poems paint a picture in the readers’ minds. Some students looked at a thesaurus or online synonym generator like this one to improve their word choices.

Here are a selection of published haiku poems from 3/4C.

This has been a guest post by Mrs Morris who is filling in for Miss Jordan for the rest of the term. 

What did you think of our poetry?

Leave a haiku poem of your own in the comments!

22 thoughts on “Haiku Poems

  1. Hi 3/4C i hope that you are having a really good time doing those Haiku Poems they sound really cool FROM KAIA ☺

    • Hi Kaia
      I hope your having lots of fun on your holiday. If you were here I think your poem would be amazing!
      From Sophie

    • Hi Kaia,
      I hope you are having the best time in noreway l hope you are having fun and l can’t wait to hear about all the fun memories you had also l hope you are learning a lot about hikiu poems
      From your class mate Annabel

  2. These are my haiku poems:
    Chasing birds away,
    Eagerly chewing their bones,
    Rapidly barking.

    Summer has arrived,
    Down at the scorching hot beach,
    Desperate to cool down.


  3. Hi 3/4c
    I had lots of fun doing haiku poems it was hard because you had to have 5 ,7 and 5 syllables .
    I did it about the moon. I tried and tried and think I got it right. I needed help. I loved the slideshow that Mrs Morris made so much.
    From Zarah .

  4. Hi 3/4C,
    This is a haiku I made up about the beast in beauty and the beast.

    A ginormous beast,
    Making everything shady,
    You will die of fright.

    From Chelsea

  5. Dear Miss Jordan, Miss Morris and 3/4C
    I really enjoyed learning about haiku poems and publishing them of with Miss Morris. Here is a haiku poem I made up

    the flowers are blooming
    As the bright sun comes out
    The sweet smell of flowers

    From Emma

  6. Hi 3/4C,
    I enjoyed doing haikus because they are interesting.
    Here is one of my haikus,

    Soft comfy cushions,
    Up high in the sky you’ll see,
    High, white and fluffy.

    Just like fairy floss,
    But not exactly that type,
    Sparkly and soft.

  7. Dear Miss Jordan, Miss Morris and 3/4c
    I enjoyed learning about haiku poems and publishing them with Miss Morris.
    Here is one I made up.

    The flowers are blooming
    As the bright sun shines
    The sweet smell of pollen

    From Emma

  8. Dear 3/4c
    I wish l was there to do my haiku poems but they look so fun l think all of you put so much effort into them they were very discriptive if anybody else saw all of them you guys would get a 5 stars
    From your class mate Annabel

  9. Hi 3\4C,
    I enjoyed haiku poems so much that I had to write this comment even though I have already written 1.

    Here is another haiku poem I made up:
    The butterfly glides
    as the sun shines brightly
    a petal falls to the ground

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