Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday in 3/4C.

We read the hilarious Dr Seuss classic Wacky Wednesday and let our imaginations run wild to come up with our own wacky scenarios.

Each student drew a picture in the style of the Wacky Wednesday book. They included some silly or unexpected things in their artwork. Students then wrote a short rhyme to accompany their picture.

Enjoy looking at our wacky work.

This has been a guest post by Mrs Morris who is filling in for Miss Jordan for the rest of the term while she is in the office.

Leave a comment telling us what wacky things you noticed in the students’ pictures.

Can you come up with your own wacky rhyme?

3 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Dear 3/4C,

    Wow, I loved looking at your Wacky Wednesday pictures! You definitely used the character strengths of ‘creativity’ and ‘humour’ to come up with the funny objects in your drawings. They look fantastic up on display in our classroom.

    When Mrs Morris suggested this activity for the class, I knew you would all enjoy it. I am really pleased with the effort you applied in your illustrations and the word choice in your short accompanying poem.

    I have enjoyed working in the office as the Assistant Principal for the past three weeks but I am looking forward to returning to our classroom after the holidays!

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    • Dear Miss Jordan,
      Thank you for the wonderful blog comment you put on the blog. I hope you had a great time working at the office as the Assistant principal . I am totally looking forward to you coming back into the classroom to teach us again

      Yes I did enjoy doing the wacky wensday pictures and I think I put a lot of effort into mine

      From Emma

  2. Hi I am William I was not hear for wacky Wednesday it looked like a fun activity I like Austins wacky wendsday and sonnys wacky wendsday they were good.

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