Holiday Reflection – 100 Word Challenge

After each set of school holidays, the students in 3/4C enjoy writing about their holiday adventures.

This time we did something a little different. We had to write about our holidays in exactly 100 words!

Students were encouraged to choose just one holiday event to focus on. Usually we enjoy writing lots of interesting details and information in our texts, but we had to use our 100 words wisely for this task.

Below you can read everyone’s 100 word holiday writing pieces.

It was great to see the students displaying the character strengths of enthusiasm, persistence and open mindedness as they completed this task.


What did you enjoy about your holidays?

What was challenging about this writing task?

Do you have any ideas for future writing challenges for the 3/4C students?

Can you leave a blog comment that is exactly 100 words in length?

17 thoughts on “Holiday Reflection – 100 Word Challenge

  1. Dear 3/4C and Miss Jordan,
    I loved writing my 100 word text it was also challenging at the same time I think everyone did a great job I acesialy liked Zali’s it sounded like great fun!
    From Alice

  2. Dear 3/4c
    That sounds so diiffecult but so much fun l hope you all had a wonderful holiday l think at home l will do that .l am having a great time l have slept on a boat at a place called Halong bay it was very intresting l saw how to get pearls and lcaugt jelly fish
    From your class mate Annabel

  3. Dear 3/4C,
    All the 100 Word holiday writing pieces were amazing!

    I really liked Georgia’s, because she used lots of descriptive words that made it sound really good!

    I also really liked Billie’s one. Her birthday sounded like lots of fun!


  4. Dear Miss Jordan and her class,

    Great stories! I really enjoyed them. I really like Ashli’s story. So much interesting facts about your enjoyable holiday.

    From Lani

  5. Hi 3/4c
    I loved that activity it was really hard but it but still it was really fun it’s amazingly hard to get exactly 100 words and I thought Zakk’s was amazing now I want to watch it.

    From Dan

  6. To miss Jordan
    I really liked the 100 word poem they were really fun mine was about getting my new awesome surf board.

    I really liked all of them but I didn’t have a favourite.

    From Alby

  7. Dear 3/4c and miss Jordan ,
    The 100 word challenge was really fun,
    And liked Sonnys 100 word challenge a lot!
    It was about the Baie wines with Hudson mine was about a football match in Torquay at the Quay reserve we were played against the Torquay Tigers Voss and we lost by 26 points the next game I’m played is against the Collendia Cobras Red

  8. Dear 3/4C,
    I loved doing the 100 word challenge it was so much fun and challenging at the same time but also very enjoyable.

    I really liked Zali’s it was very descriptive and sounded like lots of fun! I wish I was there to play with snowballs and eat popcorn in front of the fire!

    From Billie

  9. Dear miss Jordan your one hundred word challenge about going to the football to see the
    cats play was great. Trying to write a piece about the holidays with one hundred words was
    a good challenge.

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