Best Book This Year?

In 3/4C, the student participate in Reader’s Workshop each day.

Part of Reader’s Workshop involves independent reading. During independent reading, students spend time practising reading strategies and individual reading goals with a “good fit” book of their choice.

We have read a variety of books as a class, including mentor texts during writing. A mentor text helps us to to see what good writers do to create interesting stories. And of course, we have also read many picture story books during our weekly library sessions.


Miss Jordan loves to read and usually has a novel on the go at home. She also enjoys picture story books, particularly those with a message. One of her favourite picture books is The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild.

The Stone Lion


When Miss Jordan was in primary school, her favourite books were written by Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and Graeme Base. Those authors are still popular today!


What is the best book that you have read this year?

Please include some details about the best book you have read this year. You could include information such as:

  • The genre
  • The plot
  • The characters
  • The writing craft that was used
  • Information about the author
  • Other books the author has written
  • A recommended age group for the book
  • Why you loved the book so much!

We look forward to hearing about your favourite read this year!

30 thoughts on “Best Book This Year?

  1. Hi my name is Luca and I’m from 3/4 in St Aloysius Caulfield.My favourite book is called Gary.Gary is a pigeon that lives with a bunch of racing pigeons but he can’t fly and he wants to explore.I recommend it for ages 7 to 12.It’s also up for picture book of the year.The author is Leila Rudge.

  2. Hi my name is Mr MCNAMEE my favourite book I have read this year from the Barwon Heads library is the 3 brothers gruff about fishing and 3 brothers and them fishing taking to much fish and the bay runs out of fish and people sent letters saying they will destroy there boats but the 3 brothers don’t agree and they have to fish at the other bay but there is a whale the brothers are scared of and the whale takes the biggest brothers boat

  3. Hi my name is Elisse and l’m from 4A in Barwon heads primary school,
    My favourite book is called isle of the lost which I am currently reading now,
    Because I am dressing up as one of the characters in the book for book week.

    Also another one of my favourite is the witches by Roald Dahl I like this book because it tells you how to recognise a witch.
    By Elisse

  4. Hi I am josh from 4a. I love world atlases, but my favourite book is my pop up world atlas. As I said, it is a world atlas.

    I loved it because its a world atlas, but very simple, and it has things to spot. I recommend it to ages 4-12. Thanks for reading!

  5. Hi 3/4C,
    We are both looking forward to book week although it is hard to decide on what to dress up as.

    Our favourite book is Esio Trot because it’s characters were well thought and very funny.
    The author is Roald Dahl and he as written lots of books such as Charlie and the chocolate factory, the BFG, Fantastic Mr fox, the twits and many more.

    Our second favourite book is Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets because again the characters are very well thought out and very funny. The authors is Joanne Rowling. Other books that she has written are Harry Potter and the philosophers stone, Jarry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban and many more.

    Hope you like our comment.
    From Emma and Ivy

  6. Hi my name is Mr MCNAMEE my other favourite book I have read this year is old man and the sea it is about a old fishermen who was dragged around the sea by a fish/marlin the size of the boat

  7. Hi I’m Jemima from 3A my favourite book this year is mechanica I’m from bawon heads primary school.

    I like this because it has a lot of imagination and I like to imagine.

    My favourite machine was the dragon fly and the butterfly.

    I think the age limit would by 9-14 thanks for listening today bye

  8. Hi 3/4c,
    My favourite book was how high can a kangaroo hop by Jackie French I reckon it will recocamed for 9-14 year olds jackie French has written Tom Appleby convict boy, diary of a wombat, Hitlers daughter, and many more.
    It is a non fiction book it’s got kangaroos such as Josephine, Harry, Hopalong, Pratt, Biceps, Flounce, Rosie’s and other kangaroos too.
    And has different breeds like the Lumholtz’s tree kangaroo it has 349 pages it’s amazing and great.

  9. Hi my name is Kylah from 3/4 at St Aloysius Caulfield and my favourite book I read is Narnia:Prince Caspian Return to Narnia.I love this book because it has a lot of adventures.The author is C.S Lewis.I recommend this book for 10+ .

  10. Hello my name is Oscar and I am in year 4 at Saint Aloysius. My favourite book is Night Of The Living Dummy two. I like it because its scary I recommend ages 8 to 12

  11. Hi it is Zoe Dostis and my favourite book is Making the moose out of life and the characters are moose,beaver,bear and a turtle Nicholas oldland and the age recommended is for 5-12 and some books he has written in busy beaver,big bear hug,up the creek and walk on the wild side and that is my favourite book

  12. Hi my name is Mr MCNAMEE one of my other favourite books is Old man and the sea bye Hemingway it is a about a old fisherman getting pulled around the sea bye a fish bigger then his boat

  13. Hi Miss Jordan and 3/4c,
    My favourite book was out, I voted for it because it was a really good and sweet because a girl and her mum were refugees and moved to Australia their dad was left behind and One day there dad comes back.

    I like the book the world’s worst children it is a Chapter book it’s by David Walliams from Sophie

  14. Dear 3/4c ,
    My favrouite book has to be Judy moody and home in the rain l think Judy moody shows lots of humour and home in the rain is just a really sweet story oh and l never ever can forget the worlds naughtiest children.
    I don’t really have to say any more things about those books but they are alll very wonderful and creative
    From Annabel

  15. Hi my name is Jemima my favourite book this year is mechanica.

    I like this book because it has lots of imagination and I love to imagine.

    This book is so interesting I think it is for people 9-14

  16. Hi my name is Faiza and l’m from 4A . My favorite book is Home in the rain l like this book because the author Bob Graham wrote the book with words that will warm your heart and Bob Graham had a great idea to write a book about the trouble of choosing a name for your brother or sister.

    This is how the book goes Francie leaves her grand mothers house with her mom and her baby sister . Francie is still thinking of a name for her baby sister there’s only one more window just waiting to have a name . Mum stops the car at the petrol station and as she takes out fuel tube she says to Francie that her baby sister will be named Grace . They got back in car and drove safely to thier house.

  17. Hi miss Jordan and 3/4C! My favourite book was out, because it showed how refugees were not as lucky as us but could still be really happy, like the mum and the daughter who showed many character strengths, such as persistence, love and courage.

    I also liked home in home in the rain because it related to real life, had a great moral and was fun to listen to.

    I really enjoyed going to library yo read these great books. I always have fun time there and love listening to the books.

  18. Hello my name is Lyon and I am from Saint Aloysius primary school Caulfield. My favourite book is a picture story book called Gary. It is written by Leila Rudge and this is why I like the book because Gary is a very funny pigeon and Gary is unusual it made Lough

  19. Hi my name is Lorina I am from St.Aloysius Caulfield 3/4. My favourite book is Charlottes Web by E.B.White. I am currently still reading it.My favourite character is pig and his name is Wilbur.I recommend this book for years 2,3, and 4.It is the best! It makes me feel joyful.

  20. Hi I’m Alessi and my favourite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it’s recommended for mostly year 3-4 students.
    Roald Dahl has written way more books like; Witches, Fantastic Mr Fox, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, James and the Giant Peach, Twits and BFG. The reason I like the book is because of the plot which is- A boy named Charlie bucket is very poor and he wants a golden ticket to Mr Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and he does. I hope you like it too if you ever read it.
    By Alessi in 3-4 at st. Aloysius in Caulfield

  21. Hello I am Vardaan from St. Aloysisus school Caulfield in year 3/4. My favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School because it fun to read how Greg gets into trouble for stealing girl’s clothes. It is written by Jeff Kinney. It is good for year 5/6

  22. Hello my name is Lyon. I am from Saint Aloysius primary school in Caulfield.My favourite book is a picture story book called Gary it is written by Leila Rudge. This is why I like the book Gary he is a very funny pigeon. He is unusual. I hope you like the book if you read it. I am a grade 3/4

  23. Hi, my name is Aaron and I am in grade 3 at St. Aloysius Caulfield. My favourite book this year is Gary. Gary is a pigeon and the reason why I chose the book is because Gary can’t fly and the other pigeons that are racing pigeons can’t understand why. The authors name is Leila Rudge. I would recommend the book to grade prep readers as it is a picture book.

  24. Hi, my name is Cian and I’m from St Aloysius Primary School Caulfield and my favourite book is Just Shocking by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton. It is my favourite book because it is very funny. It is fun to look at the illustrations.I hope you enjoy it

  25. Hello, my name is Penelope and my school
    is St Aloysius and my favourite book is Witch The
    Last Tear.It is written by Elizabeth Lenhard.
    My favourite part of this book is the magic. I recommend this book to children 9 years and up.

  26. Hello 3/4C,

    One of my favourite books that I have read this year is called ‘The handmaid’s tale’ by Margaret Atwood. It has recently been made into an adults mini series and shown on the SBS. It is set in the future, and is about social status, rights and social justice, which I know you have been learning a bit about in inquiry at the moment. I often enjoy reading books that have been converted into mini series or movies. It is sometimes a positive experience, but sometimes I am disappointed that the directors ‘take’ or view on the book is not the same as mine (or my minds imagination when I was reading the book) You guys might relate to this by possibly reading Harry Potter and then watching the movie, or maybe with Ronald Dahl’s Matilda or BFG?
    Ronald Dahl was my favourite author when I was your age, like Miss Jordan !!
    Simone (Murphy’s mum)

  27. Hi 3/4C,
    One of my favourite books this year is called ‘The handmaids tale’ written by Margaret Atwood. It has recently been turned into a adults mini series and shown on SBS. It is set in the future and has themes about social justice and human rights, which I know you are learning about in inquiry at the moment. I often enjoy reading books that have been turned into mini series or movies. It can be interesting to see the directors take on something I have read. It can sometimes be a positive experience, but also negative if it is not similar to how I imagined or envisage it while reading the book. You might be able to relate to this with Harry Potters books and movies, or possible with Ronald Dahl’s Matilda or BFG? Ronald Dahl was one of my favourite authors when I was your age, just like Miss Jordan. 🙂
    Simone (Murphy’s mum)

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