Relaunching Our Writer’s Notebooks

This week in class, we re-launched our Writer’s Notebooks!

A Writer’s Notebook is a tool used to develop ideas for writing. We decorated our Writer’s Notebooks earlier in the year to make them special and personalised books.

As a school, we are currently changing the way we collect ideas in our Writer’s Notebooks. We use a double page in our Writer’s Notebooks and follow this structure:


Left hand side page:

We generate ideas about a specific topic using a particular tool.

For example, this week in 3/4C students thought of a place or location they had been and they brainstormed the sensory details they associated with that place or location. The tool we used was a ‘sensory hand’.

Miss Jordan brainstormed sensory details about Times Square in New York City.


Top of the right hand side page:

We take one of the ideas listed on the left hand side and develop that idea into a brief text – an entry. We elaborate on the initial idea by adding extra details and descriptive language.

For example, Miss Jordan selected the “it’s never quiet” idea about Times Square and developed an entry to explain how busy, noisy and energetic Times Square is.


Bottom of the right hand side page:

We list a variety of fiction and non-fiction ideas in different genres we could write about based on our initial ideas on the left hand side.

For example, Miss Jordan listed the following ideas:

  • Fiction: Narrative – a young girl gets lost in Times Square.
  • Non-Fiction: Information Report – the Rockefeller Centre.
  • Non-Fiction: Persuasive – New York City is the best city in the world.
  • Non-Fiction: Personal Narrative – Shopping for souvenirs.

In future writing sessions, students will then use these ideas from their Writer’s Notebooks to draft pieces of writing in different genres.

We are looking forward to collecting many ideas in our Writer’s Notebooks to inspire us to write all kinds of different texts!


Everyone enjoyed re-launching their Writer’s Notebooks in class this week!


What place or location did you select to generate ideas this week?

What writing ideas did you come up with?

What is your favourite writing genre?

What do you enjoy about Writer’s Notebooks?

25 thoughts on “Relaunching Our Writer’s Notebooks

  1. Dear Miss Jordan

    For writing my place that I did was MCG.

    I came up with a naritive about the football came to life and ran out of the MCG.

    I like to right naritives and information reports.

    I enjoy writing on paper because It’s better than spending time on your IPad.

    From Angus

  2. Hi 3/4c,
    I choose to do the MCG because I went to watch the footy last weekend.I came up information reports,poems,narratives and persuasives and my favourite writing genre is a narrative.I really like writers notebook because it’s fun to write down your ideas.From Sonny

  3. Hi Miss Jordan and 3/4C,

    For my senses hand the location I chose was my uncles farm. I chose it because I really like it there with all the horses, dogs and cows.

    Some ideas I came up with were these: See- mountains in the distance, never ending paddocks and baby ducks. Hear- dogs barking, cows mooing and sheep baaing. Taste- homemade ice cream, fruity chews and BBQ. Smell- horse poo and cow poo. Touch- water in pool.

    I don’t have one favourite writing genre, I’ve actually got 2. They’re information reports and narratives. They’re totally opposites, but I still love them both. I really like factual texts, which is why I love info reports, and I really like making things up, such as stories, which is why I like Ve narratives.

    I really like writers notebooks because they’re a great way to record our ideas and past adventures. I also really like them because I love to write, since writing is my favourite subject in the classroom is writing.


  4. Dear miss Jordan

    I choose Gaustatoppen beacuse I have been there before and can remember a few details of the trip there.

    My favourite writing genre are narratives beacuse they are so fun and exciting and I love mysterious stories.

    I like it how we get to choose a writing genre by our selves it’s really fun from kaia

  5. In writing I came up with ideas the haunted quad bike and the kangaroos captured people

    My two favourite two genres are narrative and info report

    My favourite bit about writers notebook is entry’s
    From Austin

  6. Hi 3/4C,

    I really enjoy writer’s notebook because i like writing.

    My place that i did Etihad Stadium because i really like going there.

    I did a information report called the history of Etihad stadium.
    From Flynn.

  7. Dear 34/cmiss jordan by zakk
    I chose my dads hous in banikburn

    It is very loud and that we play footy and it smells like dust because it is sand some places

    My favrit genre is information reaport

    I in joy riires note book because I get to right about stuff i did whiles I wasn’t at school like at home

  8. HI 3/4C

    For my place I did jugiong in NSW

    I came up with a narrative,perrssive and persinile narrative

    I like to right perrsive and narratives

    I like writer notebooks because I like to write about what I did

    From Charlie

  9. Hi 3/4c
    For the place we had to pick I chose the MCG.I chose it because it has so many sensory details and it was really easy to do par one because of that.

    The writing ideas that I came up with was for hear was the siren baby’s crying and the screams the people scream, for see I did the footy players and the ball and the people in the stands taste I did the hot chips and pies for smell the sausage rolls and feel the people bouncing around in there seats.

    My favourite writing genre is a narrative because it is fun to read and it takes you to a different land and it’s easy to visualise.

    I enjoy the new way of writing because it’s easier to come up with ideas because it’s right there.

    From dan

  10. Dear 3/4c

    My place was market square in Melbourne I pick this one because I been to it a lot of time there .

    I came up with a narrative about a girl how lost her father and she could not find him and she gets scared .

    I like all of the writing genre but the most I like is narrative and poems because I like making made up stroys and the ather one I like about it is funny rhyme.

    I like to write all of my ideas is in my iPad because it is esay .

  11. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4C,
    I wrote about were I go camping every year in Horsham.
    I came up with :
    Flying yabbys-narrative
    Why you should go camping- persuasive,
    Camping food comes to life and invades planet earth- narrative

    My favorite writing genre is Narrative because I can let my mind go crazy and I love visualizing all the characters and they’re awesome adventures.

    I love writers notebooks because I can come up with awesome topics and I love coming up with the series of events,and I also like the sensory details on the left HAND side.
    Do you get it?

    From your class mate Alice.

  12. Dear 3/4c
    I love how we werew all so creative when we were decorating our writers notebook. l love how we have started to use our writers notebook much more the one thing l most about our writers notebook is we get to share with the class what we did on the weekend or holiday and we get to share with the class what sort of creative minds we have.And her how much fun we have during making our writing piece.

  13. Hi 3/4C,
    I really enjoyed re-launching the new writers note book this week. Thank you to Mrs Hillbrick for organising the new writers note book program.

    The place that I chose was lerderderg because I go there camping every year and also it is a great place to get ideas from.

    My favourite writing genre is narratives because you can let your imagination run wild and free.
    I also love them because they are the easiest to write for me.

    I enjoy the new re launched writers notebooks because it gives you a quicker way of generating ideas so people aren’t just sitting there doing nothing

    From Emma

  14. Hi Miss Jordan and 3/4c,
    I was writing about Nusa Lembongan ( it’s a island just outside of Bali.) I’m starting to write a narrative

    My favourite writing genre is poetry or fictional narratives, poetry because their fun and easy to write, narratives because Georgia and I love making characters up, we have got a whole world of made up characters.

    I like writers notebook because it’s a good place to write your ideas. From Sophie

  15. Hi miss Jordan and 3/4C!
    The location I picked for writing was Binalong bay because I could describe it well and the memory stood out to me.

    The writing ideas I came up with were a narrative, information report and a poem. In the end I chose a narrative.

    My favourite favourite writing genre is a narrative because you can be creative with them, let your imagination run wild and make up characters. You don’t need to include facts or put your own opinion in.

    I like writer’s notebooks because they are a great way to write, be creative and show memories.
    From Georgia

  16. Hi miss Jordan and 3/4c,
    I am having great fun up in the Gold Coast our hotel is at sea world.
    We have been to Warner Bros Movie World which was amazing it had all the the characters on TV!
    I got a kangaroo tattoo (it’s fake) and our view of the city is amazing this morning we walked on the beach the sand was so soft. Then we turned around and saw the city which was quite far away from our resort.
    I got a photo with Bugs Bunny and Wille. E coyote.
    From Murphy
    At The Gold Coast.

    • Dear Murphy,

      It sounds like you are having a great time up on the Gold Coast. It certainly is a fun place to visit and I am sure you are enjoying warm weather.
      I went to Movie World about 10 years ago and really enjoyed it.

      Thanks for your fantastic blog comment, you have described your adventures very well!

      From Miss Jordan

      • Hi miss Jordan,
        It is very good up in the Gold Coast.
        Yesterday I feed stingrays. And on Father’s Day I am diving with dad in the shark bay with stingrays and white tip reef sharks luckily no Great white sharks!!!
        And in the morning at 7.00 it’s like it’s 10.00 in Barwon Heads it’s so light!!
        By miss Jordan and 3/4c
        From Murphy.
        Hope you are having a great time in Barwon Heads.

    • Hi Murphy
      It’s me Charlie I hope your having a good time in the Gold Coast. We’re having a good time in Barwon heads. Did you like movie world because it sounded like you did.

      From your friend Charlie

  17. Dear Miss Jordan’s class,

    I really enjoyed reading your post about your new writer’s notebook program.

    My favourite writing genre is persuasive texts. I really like arguing my point of view.

    What are you writing about at the moment?

    Mrs Morris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,
      I am writing a narrative about three characters called jimmy, John, and Joe, and they all go fishing for yabbys in the damn and after a few long minutes jimmy catches a yabby but it is not any old yabby! It’s a flying yabby! TO BE CONTINUED… ( when I next see you!( hopefully soon!).)
      I like writing narratives because I can let my mind go WILD!!! And also I usually only think of : complication , the solution, the series of events,and then I come up with awesome ideas along the way .

      Hope to see you soon!!!
      From Alice.

  18. Hi Alice,

    I love the way you wrote ‘I can let my mind go wild!’ What a great description!

    Your narrative sounds amazing. Maybe Miss Jordan will publish some of your work on the blog?

    I hope to see you all soon. Miss Jordan always tells me what you’re up to which is great! Only a few more weeks left until the holidays for you too. This term is going quickly.

    Enjoy your writing!
    Mrs Morris

  19. Hi,
    We really like your idea of the hand senses and we’re thinking of using it in our work.

    One of your teachers, Mrs Morris, commented on our own class blog and suggested we have a look at yours.

    It looks great and hope you could visit ours. We’ve only just set it up!

    We are a school in Sheffield, England. Sheffield is famous for inventing stainless steel and made a lot of cutlery.

    From everyone in Year 5.

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