International Dot Day

Friday 15th September was International Dot Day!

What is International Dot Day?

International Dot Day began when Terry Shay introduced his class to Peter H Reynold’s book The Dot on September 15, 2009.

Since then, this date has been celebrated each year as International Dot Day — a day for classes to explore the story’s powerful themes: bravery, creativity, and self-expression.

Every year, millions of students and educators connect on International Dot Day to celebrate creativity, courage and collaboration.


What is ‘The Dot’ book all about?

The Dot tells the story of a caring art teacher who reaches a reluctant student in a remarkably creative way.

In Peter’s book, the teacher encourages the student to begin a journey of self discovery and creativity, starting with a simple dot on a piece of paper. Transformed by this journey, the student goes on to inspire others.


This year, Miss Jordan decided to join in the fun with 3/4C. Some of our highlights are described below.

We read The Dot by Peter H Reynold and discussed the themes. We linked the themes to a variety of character strengths, including:

  • Self belief
  • Courage
  • Kindness
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity

We dressed up in dots!

We used our Writer’s Notebooks to generate some “dotty” writing ideas.

We displayed our creativity by decorating big dots! We then cut the dots into quarters and swapped three of the quarters with friends to make a new dot!


Classes are encouraged to collaborate and connect during International Dot Day celebrations. One of Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris’s “blogging buddies” from the past is Mrs Yollis, from California in the USA. She has celebrated International Dot Day previously, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to get in touch!

Today in class, we had a Google Hangout to chat with Mrs Yollis! We had to work out the time difference between our two countries. For us (in the southern hemisphere), it was 11.30am Friday morning. But for Mrs Yollis (who lives in the northern hemisphere) it was 6.30pm Thursday night!

We asked Mrs Yollis lots of interesting questions about her school. It was so interesting to hear her responses! It was great that Mrs Morris was in our class today so she could be part of the chat too.

Below is a video we made to showcase some of the features of our wonderful school. We hope the third grade students in Mrs Yollis’s class enjoy this sneak peek into Barwon Heads Primary School.

Mrs Yollis also has a post about International Dot Day on her class blog. Her third grade students have put together a video about their school. Check it out!


What did you enjoy about International Dot Day?

What was the message in “The Dot” picture book by Peter H Reynold?

What did you find interesting during our chat with Mrs Yollis?

19 thoughts on “International Dot Day

  1. Dear Miss Jordan and class,

    What a magnificent post! It sounds like you had a great time celebrating International Dot Day and I’m so glad I got to be there at the tail end of the week. I would not have wanted to miss the Skype call or the dotty art activity. Such fun!

    Mrs Yollis is an old friend and it is always wonderful to see her face. Even if she is about 13,000 kilometres away! Would you like to Skype her class one day? What would you ask them?

    I hope you all enjoyed celebrating Dot Day. Well done on your wonderful work and I will see you all again soon!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs Morris

    • Hi Mrs. Morris
      I really enjoyed the google hangout with
      Mrs Yollis and international dot day was very fun.
      I enjoyed the activity when we made a 4 square dot swapped 3 squares and stuck it on to a sheet of paper they were very colourful I reckon the message in the dot by Peter.H Reynolds is not to give up and the girl showed hope.
      What I found Interesting in the chat with Mrs. Yollis was what crazs are in each school one thing both schools had in common was Jojo bows, soccer and others too.
      From Murphy

  2. @ Ms. Jordan, Mrs. Morris, and class,

    What a pleasure it was to see all of you from 8,000 miles away! Having a Google HangOut really demonstrates how connected the world can be.

    My class is over-the-moon with excitement at the thought of meeting you. We are going to work out a time. But first, what can you tell me about the time differences and your daily schedule: How many hours apart are we? When does your school start? When does your school end?

    If you have any questions about our day or about our school, please leave us a comment on our blog!

    Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog

    Happy Dot Day!

    ~Mrs. Y♥llis

    • @ Mrs Yollis and class,

      Thank you for your fantastic comment. We are also very excited at the thought of meeting you!

      You asked some really great questions. Here are our answers:

      How many hours apart are we?
      We calculated that we are 17 hours ahead of you.

      When does our school day start and finish?
      Music starts playing at 8.55am. This signals that students should enter their classrooms. The official school day begins at 9.00am. Our school day concludes at 3.30pm. During the day, we have a 30 minute recess at 11.00am and an hour lunch break at 1.30pm.

      We look forward to heading over to your blog!

      From your blogging buddies,
      Miss Jordan, Mrs Morris and 3/4C

    • @ Mrs Yollies & class

      This is Ashli and Emma here.

      We really enjoyed having the Google Hangout with you. We are really looking forward to meeting your class.
      Here are the answers to your questions

      How many hours apart are we:
      In Victoria we are currently 17 hours ahead
      of you.

      What time does our school start and conclude:
      The Music begins at 8:55 and we actually start learning at 9:00am.The time we conclude and go home is at 3:30pm and at the end of each term on the last day of the week we go home at 2:30pm.

      Some questions for you are:

      Do you ever go out of school on Excersions?
      Have you taught in the same classroom twice?
      Do you have a lunch and recess or do you just have lunch?
      How many minutes does your lunch go for?
      How many minutes does your recess go for?

      From your blogging buddies
      Emma and Ashli

  3. Dear Miss Jordan

    I enjoyed drawing a big dot and then cut them into circles. And then we swapped each others and stuck them together

    Never give up Keep trying.

    I found interesting that there school is a lot different then ours.

  4. @ Mrss Jordan and class,

    Thank you for the welcome to your school slideshow! We loved it.

    Jayden: I was interested in the boat. What does it represent?

    Jake F.: Your school is cool, and I especially liked the outside places. The senior structure looks fun. I would love to play on it. Your school looks so new, why are you doing more construction?

    Noa: You have a big school and an awesome class! Your dotty clothes were so cool. Here is a funny fact. I am wearing a dotty dress today. How long did it take you to complete the dot art?

    Carlos: I like your soccer oval. The playgrounds look so huge! What time is your recess? How long is your recess?

    Jackson: I liked your dotty mosaics. We have a garden area where there is a mosaic. There is also a wall with copper leaves with retired staff members’ names on them. What games do you play in your gym?

    Ben: I really liked the giant chess game. How heavy are the pieces? Are they easy to move?

    Mia: I really loved the inside of your classroom. There was a comfy area with cushions. What is your favorite part of the school and why?

    Your new blogging buddies,
    Mrs. Y♥llis and her students

    • Dear Mrs Yollis and students,

      What a terrific blog comment! Here are the answers to your questions:

      Jayden: A long time ago there was a big flood in Barwon Heads. The boat was used as a lifesaving resource.

      Jake F: Parts of our school are new but other parts are older. We have had some old portable classrooms removed and replaced in recent weeks. At the beginning of the year, a new wing with five classrooms was opened. Part of this new building involved the reconstruction of some yard areas. We are very lucky!

      Noa: The dot art was really fun! The times varied for individual students, but on average, it took about two hours! That seems like a really long time, but it was great to see the students taking extra care and effort with their decorating.

      Carlos: We have recess at 11.00am every morning for 30 minutes. Our lunch break runs for one hour at 1.30pm.

      Jackson: We love our school gym! In each of our P.E lessons, we have a focus. For example this term, we have done dancing, gymnastics, football, soccer, basketball and tennis. Some of the warm up activities in P.E that we enjoy are dodge ball, octopus, sprints, tiggy and sprouts.

      Ben: Great question! The chess pieces are large, however, they are made from plastic and they are hollow. So they are not very heavy to pick up.

      Mia: Our book corner is a popular spot in our classroom. Some of our favourite areas of the school are the gym, the oval, the library, the senior playground and our classroom.

      We really enjoyed responding to your questions!

      From your blogging buddies,
      Miss Jordan and 3/4C

  5. Dear blogging buddies,

    We are, Jake, Shane, Sam, Mila, and Nolan. (I, Nolan, am in 4th grade now and I am one of Mrs. Yollis’ former students).

    That was a great slideshow! We really enjoyed it!

    Jake says that he liked the giant chess board.

    Shane liked how you guys showed us and told us about the construction going on.

    Sam liked the playgrounds that the kids played on.

    Mila like the background music in the slideshow. She thought is was nice.

    I liked how you guys told us about everything in your school, and we liked all of it!

    Shane would like to know what you guys do with the vegetables in the backyard.

    Jake would like to know if you guys have music class.

    Sam would like the estimate of books in the library.

    Mila would like to know how long recess is.

    I would like to know what time you guys start and end school.

    We would like to know about the history of that boat outside. We are quite curious about it.

    Have a great day!

    Jake, Sam, Mila, Shane, and Nolan

    • Hi my name is William.
      Jake I have an answer for your, brilliant question by the way, and the answer is……..NO but we did, until she left and now her room is our Indonesian teachers room known as Bu Wall. Thank you for the question from William and Charlie.

    • @Jake, Sam, Mila, Shane and Nolan,
      We are Billie and Chelsea. We’re in 3/4C this year. Thanks for telling us what parts of our school you like! Our favourite parts of the school are the gym and the oval.

      Shane: What we do with the vegetables in the garden is plant them, water them, and wait for them to grow. When the vegetables have grown, sometimes we make salads out of them, and have them for lunch! Some different vegetables we have are lemons, limes, lettuce, carrots, celery, coriander, basil, mint, kale, chives and spinach. We also grow lavender. As you can probably tell, we grow a variety of vegetables!

      Jake: We actually don’t have music classes. But we used to. Our instructors were Mr and Mrs Robbinson. Mr Robbinsen taught drumming and Mrs Robbinsen taught singing and some other instruments.

      Sam: We estimated we have about 4,896 – 5,000 books in our library!

      Mila: Our recess goes for half an hour. It starts at 11.00am and ends at 11.30am. Our lunch begins at 1.30pm and goes for an hour to 2.30pm.

      Nolan: We start our school day at 9.00am every morning. We go home at 3.30pm every afternoon.

      Everyone: Some history we know about the boat is that it was used back when there was a flood in Barwon Heads, many years ago. We think it was put on our schools property for a historical artefact.

      Best wishes,
      Billie and Chelsea

  6. @ Miss Jordan and class,

    Micah: My favorite part is the giant chess board. I also want to know what the Barwon Heads boat represents.

    Kody: I would like to know what vegetables you are growing? Who eats them?

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Y♥llis’ students

    • Dear Kodi and Micah,
      The Barwon Heads boat was a life saving boat during the flood in the 1950’s. That is all we know about our historic boat.

      Some plants we grow in our garden are..Carrot
      Mint beetroot
      Coz lettuce
      And more. The garden is open for the community to come and pick plants but the school also uses it for the staff to eat and also the kids.

      We hope you enjoyed our answsers from Eliza and Annabel

  7. Hi miss Jordan and 3/4c
    I am having a great time at Kingscliff it is really warm and we seem about to go look at some houses now and then we might go for a surf and then have dinner at our cuisine the sunshine is shining like big Dot

  8. Austin all the dot artwork was amazing my favourite one was sonnys it had and amazing pattern Charlie’s dress up was really funny hahaha the video was really good Joel and I took a picture of the sand pit and the Barwon heads flood boat

    Alby on Joel’s bike was really funny so was sonny my favourite bit of the school is the playground and the oval

    From Austin

  9. @ Miss Jordan,
    We really enjoyd seeing Mrs Yollis from 800 miles away, we also enjoyd seeing what other kids where wearing in 3/4C.

    The Message was Bravery, Creativity, Self Belife and Entusiasium.

    We found intresting that the sesons are diffrent and the time difrence they, we also found intresting that they go back to school in August and finish In June.

    From Flynn and Joel

  10. Dear miss Jordan and 3/4C
    I weared a spotty bandaner and spotty cape.

    I liked the book the dot because it inspires you to draw something.

    I thought her class room was interesting because she had a tent.

    From Charlie

  11. Hi I’m Murphy
    Today is the 22nd of September.
    Lisa Neville our PM is coming to open the new building and each class gets to meet her the grade 5’s and 6’s get to go to the opening of the new grade 5 and 6 rooms.
    From Murphy.

  12. @ miss jordan
    I am so angry at myself because I missed almost the whole week all I got to do for dot day was to skype mrs yollis and the dot designing but it was still fun though at least I got some great weather and saw7 turtles

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