Mathematical Word Problems

In maths, we have been developing our skills to solve mathematical word problems.

We have been following a five step process to solve word problems:

Some word problems require one calculation, while others are multi-step problems. When calculating their answers, students are required to:

  • record all of their working out
  • justify their calculations to ensure their final answer is a reasonable solution to the problem.

The word problems we have been solving involve all four processes:

  • addition
  • subtraction
  • multiplication
  • division


In your comment, please type a mathematical word problem for someone to solve!

37 thoughts on “Mathematical Word Problems

  1. Dear miss Jordan
    Here is a word problem for anyone to solve …
    Kaia had 12 mooses and she gave 5 to Emma how many did she have left?
    From kaia

  2. Dan
    Joel kicked 7 goals and 4 points on the weekend each goal is 6 points and each point is 1 point, how many points did Joel kick?

  3. Sarah went on a trail ride for 8 hours and 40 minutes. She rode 4 horses in that time, and she rode them for the same amount of time each. How long did Sarah ride each horse for?

  4. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4c,

    Solving word problems are really fun. They challenge your brain and are good for you.

    I have got a word problem for you. One day Bob went out for a fish. Bob caught 25 fish and the he cut them up into half’s how much fish pieces does Bob have?
    From Daisy.

  5. Dear Miss Jordan

    Flynn plays Basketball on Wensdays on his first game his team scored 34 points the other team scored 9 points. How man points did Flynns team win by?

  6. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4C,

    I really enjoy working out and solving worded problems, and here is one for you:

    Lucy traveled actively every day to and from school except not on Wednesdays she repeated this for 6 weeks. How many days did Lucy actively travel in total?

    From your class mate Alice.

  7. To Miss Jordan and 3/4c,
    I have enjoyed learning word problems in maths and I have written one word problem for anyone to solve.

    Sophie and Georgia set up a pink lemonade stand, they made 23 and sold 17. How many do they have leftover?

  8. James had $143 dollars in his bank account.He got $75 dollars for his birthday and spendt $28 dollars on clothes and $14 dollars on shoes.How much money does James have left?

  9. Austin batted for 73 overs and bowled for 20 overs. Each over has 6 bowls in it. How many overs did he bat and bowl for altogether?

    Austin took the most wickets in the legue. He took 38 wickets. The guy behind him took 25. How many more wickets did he take then the other guy?

  10. Hi 3/4
    Breeana had 864 cricket balls. Each ball only worked good for one over. An over is 6 balls how many overs can she bowl?

  11. Hi miss Jordan and 3/4C!
    Here are some word problems that I came up with. Hope you like them!
    #1.There were 14 puppies at the pet shop. 2 were bought and 2 died of kennel cough. How many puppies were still at the pet shop?
    #2. Sophie and Ava set up a cookie stall. They made 30 cookies in total. Sophie and Ava soled 20. How many cookies were left?

  12. Dear miss Jordan
    Here is a word problem
    Milkala had 23 surfboards and Mika had 12 how many did they have all together
    from kaia

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