Grade Four Camp 2017

We have just had a fantastic two days at our


On Monday 6th November, we boarded the bus, full of excitement about what was ahead. We soon arrived at Camp Wilkin in Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road.


Anglesea is a coastal town, with a population of about 3500. It is a very popular tourist destination, particularly in summer as there are beaches and other outdoor recreational activities to be enjoyed.

Here is the route we took from Barwon Heads to Anglesea.

BHPS to Camp Wilkin

Everyone enjoyed staying in the camp cabins and meal times in the dining hall were lots of fun. There were many on-site activities at camp which provided fun and memorable experiences for all students.


We had seven fun and challenging rotations to complete:

  • Rock climbing wall
  • Initiatives
  • Leap of Faith
  • Bike riding
  • Archery
  • Flying Fox
  • Low Ropes Course

The Leap of Faith is a very popular activity at Camp Wilkin and is a highlight for most students! The Leap of Faith involves climbing up a 7.6 metre pole while harnessed, arriving at a small platform and jumping to reach a red buoy. It certainly gets the adrenaline pumping!

Some of our other activities included:

  • Night walk
  • Basketball, volleyball and soccer games
  • Free time on the playground, trampoline and chess board
  • Playing in the games room
  • Observing the many kangaroos that frequent Camp Wilkin at all times of the day!


Below is a selection of photos from Camp Wilkin. Enjoy!


We had a wonderful time on camp and enjoyed all of the new experiences!

A very BIG thank you to our terrific helpers, Mr Haslam, Selena, Bec and Sarah!

What did you enjoy most about our Anglesea camp?

What was your favourite rotation activity?

Did you succeed in overcoming any challenges while on camp?

Have you ever been on a school camp before?

If you could go on a school camp somewhere, where would you like to go?


21 thoughts on “Grade Four Camp 2017

  1. I am looking forward to leap of faith and going for a night work the last camp I went to was grade two camp it was really fun at grade to camp we went for a night walk from Eli

  2. Dear 3/4c,
    Hi I am looking forward for the rock climbing and Leap of faith, in 2018 when I’m a grade 4.
    The leap of faith looks so fun, but I’m afraid of hights.
    My favourite activity for next year is rock climbing or leap of faith.
    I really want to succeed on the leap of faith.
    I’ve been on 2. Grade 2 we went to Cottage By the sea in Queenscliff. And on grade 3 camp we went to Sovereign hill it was very fun.
    If I could anywhere on a school camp it would be probaly either Hawaii, Queensland or climbing mountains in Idaho. And maybe in twos years time i can visit Hawaii again,
    From Murphy.

  3. Dear miss Jordan and 3/4c
    My favourite part of Anglesea was being able to hang out with my friends and play volleyball. My fvourite rotation was he bike riding, it was really fun because I could look all around Anglesea. I did overcome some challenges whilst I was on camp. I l overcame the climbing wall and doing the flying fox. I have been on two school camps – one was a Sonny Stones and Camp Wilkin. I would like to go back to Camp Wilkin.

  4. Dear 3/4c
    I really enjoyed the bike ride because there was hardly any waiting.

    I liked the bike riding and the leap of faith. The bike riding was fun because I liked the bike I was riding . The leap of faith was fun because I touch the ball and it was fun because it was high.

    Yes because I was nervous at the start but at the end it was only a bit scary.

    I have been on 2,3 and now 4 camp.

    I don’t know any camps so I am not sure.

  5. Hi miss jordan I really enjoyed the leap of fath and the roock clibing & the flying fox.
    The food was grate to I loved the ice crem and the cake same with flynn the achary was a grate ixspirance .flynn did a grate gob with the leap of fath considering he is a frad of hight,s he went haf way up ,he did a grate gob with the bike ride.
    Camp willken is the beast camp ever.
    From freddie & flynn

  6. Dear Miss Jordan,

    The thing I enjoyed most about camp was that we actually got to go at all, because a lot of schools don’t go on camps. One other thing I enjoyed was the night walk, since I love being in the dark.

    I didn’t have one favourite rotation, I actually had quite a few. Some of them are the flying fox, archery, rock climbing, bike riding, the low ropes course, and of course, the leap of faith! So really, I liked all of them!

    A challenge for me was the leap of faith. Well, it wasn’t really a challenge, but you definitely need to want to go on it to do it. From the ground, looking up to the 7-8 metre high platform is easy, it doesn’t look very high. But when you’re standing on that small plank of wood, it looks quite high. I would defiantly not recommend it to people with a fear of heights.

    I have only been on one school camp before, which was at cottage by the sea in grade two. I missed last years camp at coastal forest lodge, because I was in Bali. I think I would rather be in the hot Bali weather rather than the cold weather of Anglesea.

    If I could go on a school camp and choose where to go, I don’t know where I would choose. It would certainly be somewhere warm though!

    From Chelsea

  7. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4c

    I hope the grade fours loved the camp . It look great fun from the poghtos . I wish I was there doing everything there .

    If I went there I would do the leap of faith . It look good but not scary but for ather people think the other option to not jump . And I would like all of the free time activities there I will like table teens with my friends and the tramps that would be fun .

    If I was there my favourite rotation would be the flying fox. I would be the first Posen to do it . But I think that some one else would be like me and go first .

    I have been on a school camp befor it was fun and I made new friends that day that way I have a lot of friends from that day on camp.

    If I wanted to go to a camp we’re i won’t I would go to Loren camp because the beach is nice and the shops are beautiful clothiers and bags at all of the shops .

    Hope the grade four had a great time at camp and had fun . I wish I was there to do it all but I will get it next year .

    From zarah

  8. Dear 3/4c ,
    These photos of these experiences you had made me want to go in a time machion into the future .The leap of faith deffently made need to get rid of my fear of heights .lt looked like you definitely had lots of fun .

    From your class mate Annabel,

    • Hi Annabel it’s Sophie here,
      I would like to go on the leap of faith too and also have a go at rock climbing. I have been on 2 camps, one this year to sovereign hill and one last year when I was in year 2 to cottage by the sea.

      Sincerely, Sophie

  9. Hi 3/4C
    My favourite thing at camp was the beach volleyball court and we always played on it, it was really fun and Mr Wiz was a really good player.because none of us new how to pay we justified the rules a bit but teachers have to play properly.

    My favourite rotation was definetly the leap of faith iT was really fun one the first go I stupedley looked down it was really scary but I did make it and touch it after that it wasn’t scary so I made up and did Spider-Man with is were you fall either farwards or backwards and go into a head first dive it is so fun.

    If I could pick were to go for a school camp it would be somewhere in America and for a week it would be fun.

    The collage that I had seat for myself is to stay in bed and awake until 1:00 and I did it the outher challenge was to touch the ball on the leap of faith and I did it.

    Out of alll the camps I have been to this was the best.

    From Dan

  10. Dear 3/4c,
    I really enjoyed grade 4 camp and it is probably my favourite camp so far!!! My favourite thing at camp wilkin was everything because I had a great time. My favourite activities were leap of faith,bike riding and playing volleyball . The leap of faith was very hard but I touched the buoy.I have been on two school camps so far and would love to go on a school camp to Bali.
    From Sonny.

  11. Dear Miss Jordan & 3/4C,
    My favorite part of camp was the leap of faith because I loved being up high and it felt like I was flying I wanted to stay up there forever, on my first turn I just jumped and on my second and third turn I tryed to touch the bright orange ball and I got it.

    I think I scored success and reached the aim in rock climing, the leap of faith and archery ( and trying going to sleep).

    Camp Wilkon was my second camp ever I had one in grade three at ‘The Briars’ for one night.

    If I could go on a camp I would go to Loss Angeles for 2 weeks.

    From your class mate,

  12. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I really enjoyed grade 4 camp it was sooooo much fun.

    I really enjoyed doing the leap of faith and the rock climbing wall. In the leap of faith it was a bit scary when you had to lean across to get on the platform but once you had jumped you where fine and you had fun. I loved the rock climbing wall it was the best. I really liked it because I think I scored success I think I did a very good job. Sometimes in the rock climbing it was challenging because some of the rocks were loose so you had to find another way.

    I successfully succeeded the low ropes course by not falling off like last year at grade 3 camp. Some of the rope courses where hard and challenging but was so fun.

    If I could choose where to go to camp I would either do Los Vages or Fiji that would be epic.

    I really enjoyed grade for camp.

    From Daisy

  13. Dear 3/4C,
    Looks like the grade fours hade a great time!

    What I would be looking forward to at grade four vamp is the leap of faith, the flying fox and the rock climbing wall.

    My favourite activity would be the leap of faith, the flying fox and rock climbing

    I think I would do the leap of faith and every thing else.

    Yes I have been on school camp before. I went to cottage by the sea and sovereign hill.

    From Emma

  14. Hi Miss Jordan and 3/4C! Next year At camp I am excited about doing the leap of faith, the photos looked really cool. Grade four camp seemed really fun. The rock climbing looked awesome as well, I would love to trie it.

    I hope that I succeed in the activities at the camp but the one that I would like to accomplish the most is the leap of faith.

    I have been on two camps before, grad two camp and grade three camp.

    If I could go on any camp I would go to one in Queensland.

  15. Hi 3/4C,

    I have really enjoyed looking through the photos and reading about your camp Wilkin experiences. Looks and sounds like you all had such a fabulous time that I really would like to go to Camp Wilkin.

    Liz Lawrance (Sonny’s mum)

  16. Hi Mrs. Jordyn! My name is Sarah and I am a grade 7 in B.C, Canada. I think its awesome you went to a camp! We actually have something very similar, we go to Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Center on Hornby Island. Our class goes there at the end of the year, but the first and only time (so far) that I’ve gone was actually with a summer camp for a week. (No parents! Woo!) There, they have very similar things. Leap of Faith, Giant’s Ladder, High Ropes Course, Climbing Tower, Rappelling and 3 different water sports too. I only wish I was able to do it in Grade 4!
    Have a great day!

  17. Hi Mrs. Jordan! My name is Sarah, and I am commenting from B.C, Canada. I am in a class who is friends with Mrs. Sullivan! This camp looks super fun! We have something super similar here, that the class I’m in goes to at the end of each school year. I’ve never gone with my class before, but I went with a summer camp for a week. (With no parents! Woo!) The one I went to is on Hornby Island, called the Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Center. There they have many similar things, like the fact we slept in cabins. The activities over there were the Leap Of Faith, (Which I think is the same one, and for the record, I jumped first) Climbing Tower, Rappelling, The Giant’s Ladder, (Which was my favourite) High Ropes Course and 3 water sports; stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and a boat ride! Anyway, if you want, my blog is at Have a great day!

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