Grade Six Initiative Activities

Earlier this week, 4A, 4B and 3/4C participated in a series of activities run by some of our grade six students.

This initiative was inspired by the concept of the Maker’s Faire where people celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and a do-it-yourself attitude.

The grade six students worked in collaborative groups to plan and implement a variety of engaging and educational activities for other year levels in the school.

The three activities we participated in were:

  • Making and flying paper planes
  • Marble runs
  • Rocket cars

Although teachers were present during the activities, the grade six students took full responsibility for the session by describing the tasks, explaining the learning focus and success criteria, organising the materials and assisting the students when needed.

Here are some photos of the 3/4C students enjoying the activities.

Thank you to the grade six students and their teachers for implementing this great initiative!


Which activity did you like the most?

What new skills did you learn?

What character strengths did the grade six students display when leading the activities?

9 thoughts on “Grade Six Initiative Activities

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,
    The actictivy I liked the most was the marble run. My group was Eli, me, and a few others.
    In the marble run we had to make a run for the marble to run down for the first then the second one we had to be numbers from 1-4 and each group would try to join the noodles to each other’s, the skills I learnt were making paper airplanes were pretty easy, leadership, courage, and many others.
    From Murphy.

  2. I really enjoyed all the activities but my favourite was the paper planes because we had a copotishion who could throw the longest.
    From Fred

  3. My Favourite activity was the paper airplane planes I learnt how to make a airplane that goes really far when the grade sixes showed team work modesty friendship fairness kindness prudence from Eli

  4. Dear 3/4c,
    The year 6 makers faire was my highlight of the week!I enjoyed letting my mind blow with ideas. I loved how these activities were ones you could do at home, l think the grade sixes were grate teachers !They showed a lot of leadership .
    I have to say my favourite activity was the paper planes.
    From Annabel

  5. dear Miss Jordan

    What I liked the most was the marble run that was really fun and could create really cool marble runs that land in a cup.

    What I learned during the 1 half hours was how to make different airplanes that I have never made before.

    I think the grade six kids did a awesome job speaking to the kids.i think the grade six kids showed lots of character strengths like team work self belief friendship love of learning .

  6. Hi 3/4C my favourite activity was the marble run because you had to use lots of teamwork.

    While doing the paper planes l learnt how to make a new paper plane.

    I noticed that the grade sixes were showing these character strengths
    Friendship and more

  7. Dear Miss Jordan and 34/c
    I liked the paper planes the best It was a lote of fun because I had lots of fun learning how to make new planes I learnt new skills that it is just to have fun and to be conpeative kindness and creativity friendship and lots more.

  8. Hi 3/4C
    Wow that looks great,although I wasn’t there for it I can imagine it was a lot of fun! Alice and her groups marble run was excellent and will and his groups looked good as well.
    From Emma

  9. Dear Kaia and Zarah,

    First of all, great drawings! They are making Mila and I hungry!

    We think that the lie is that ANZAC biscuits can only be eaten on ANZAC Day in April. As for the pavlova, it actually is a dessert made of egg whites, cream, and fruit.

    We also learned that it is named after a Russian dancer named Anna Pavlova.

    Finally, vegemite chocolate is a thing because our friend has had it before!

    Your American blogging buddies,

    Chloe Sky and Mila

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