Farewell, Miss Jordan!

(This is a surprise guest post from Mrs Morris!)

The final week of the school year has arrived. It is a time of mixed emotions as 3/4C and the Barwon Heads Primary School community say,

Goodbye, Miss Jordan

Miss Jordan taught at Leopold Primary School for ten years before beginning her seachange at Barwon Heads Primary School in 2014. After four wonderful years, she is moving on to an exciting new teaching opportunity in 2018.

The students in 3/4 have put together some messages for their fantastic teacher.

All of the 3/4 C students also worked very hard to create a personal letter and card for Miss Jordan to take with her.

Picture of children's cards to their teacher

So many wonderful reflections were shared!

We wish Miss Jordan all the best and invite you to leave a message on the Padlet below or write a comment on this post.

We know Miss Jordan would love to hear from you whether you’re a current or former student, parent or colleague!

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Have a wonderful last week of school for 2017!

4 thoughts on “Farewell, Miss Jordan!

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,
    You are such an enthusiastic, passionate, kind and glorious teacher. You have well and truly made this year the best year, writing, maths, reading, inquiry and everything else you can think of.

    When I heard that you were going to go and teach another school, I felt extremely upset, but I knew that you would love teaching at your new school with Mr. Roshcoch, it would also be a good experience. Whoever gets you next year is in for something great.

    Thank you so much for reading Wayside School to us, in fact I thought it was so funny and entertaining, that I had to buy it for myself!

    Thanks so much for teaching me this year. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    Sincerely, Georgia

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,
    once l heard you were leaving l had tears in my eyes !I was going to trie and find a way to get you in year 4 .But those preps that have you are really lucky.They will go from knowing a pea to knowing how to spell elephant .Your one of the best teachers l have ever had !You make maths like a game and serourisly no teacher has made maths like a game.You make our minds explode with ideas.l have been wanting to ask you are you a wizard under cover .
    From Annabel

    • Hi Annabel, it’s Sophie here.

      I definitely agree with you, Miss Jordan is an amazing teacher and those beyond lucky preps are going to have a gratifying year in 2018! Like you said they will learn so much, they probably will be smarter than grade 1’s!

      Thank-you so much Miss Jordan for a wonderful year.

      Sincerely Sophie.

  3. hi miss Jordan,
    sad to see your leaving! sounds like you have had a really fun year. I hope you have a wonderful time at you new school! I remember way side story’s, defently a grate book! good luck and merry christmas from

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