Christmas Rebus Memories

Last week, we wrote about Christmas memories in the form of rebus texts.

A rebus is a text that features both words and images to convey information.

We used emojis to represent a variety of words in our Christmas memories. Check out the students’ work below!


Have you read a rebus story before?

Was it easy or challenging to create your rebus?

What other types of rebus stories would you like to write?

13 thoughts on “Christmas Rebus Memories

  1. Dear Miss Jordan

    Yes I have read a reabus once and surprising I have one at home !

    It was quite challenging to find the right emoji to match the words.

    From kaia

    I would also like to write a chapter rubus.

  2. Dear 3/4C,
    Writing the rebus stories were great fun.

    When we started to do the rebus stories I had know idea what they were! No I haven’t read a rebus story before.

    I think it was quit challenging to create my rebus.

    I would like to write an Easter rebus one day.

    From Emma.

  3. Dear Miss Jordan

    Yes I have read a reabus and surprisingly I have it at home. !

    It was quite challenging to find the right emoji to fit the sentence.

    I would quite like to make a chapter rebus.

    From kaia

  4. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4C,

    I have read a series of rebus storys before and they were called ‘ The Tom Gates Series ‘ written and illustrated by Liz Pichon.

    I think that it was easy to write a rebus story beacause it was a memory and I knew what was going to happen in my story and I thought about what emojis I would use, I didn’t have to go back and edit even once, where-as I did another one and it was made up so it was harder beacause I didn’t know what was going to happen, I had to keep on going back and editing.

    I would like to write an informative rebus story about the future or the past so I could get to know more about tough times the world has gone through, and what is ahead of us

    This was a really fun activity I enjoyed writing it I even wrote two in my spare time at home.

    From Alice.

  5. Hi 3/4c,
    I have read a rebus before, from the book Tom Gates. Tom gate rebus were easy to read them and they make sense too.

    I thought that a rebus was easy but some of the rebus was hard . The hard part was to make it make sense.

    I would like to write a birthday party rubes about my birthday that I like about it . I would allso write a song rebus .

  6. Dear Miss Jordan and 34c,
    I have not read a rebus story before if you don’t count the slideshow that I just read than no.

    It was actually pretty hard to make a rebus.

    I would like to write rebus story about all sports as well.

  7. Dear 3/4C,
    I really writing our Rebus’s, it was so fun.
    I ‍♂️ Read a Rebus before and it was a bit but I really it! I would writing any type of Rebus because they are really . Sonny.

  8. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4C,

    I really enjoyed reading all of the Rebus’s some of them were quite challenging and did not make scene but others were very easy to understand.

    I really liked Chelsea’s because it was very easy to understand and follow along.

    With my Rebus it was quite challenging because the emojis that I wanted to do was not there I was very upset.

    From Daisy

  9. Dear 34c
    I think the Christmas rebus was good way to look at stuff differently !
    I had so much fun doing this activity l showed my sister and she did not understand it at all.
    I explained it to her but she didn’t understand one bit.
    From Annabel

  10. Dear Miss Jordan a 3/4c,

    I have read Rebus before, in the book Tom Gates.

    I didn’t think it was too easy to muake a Rebus it was a bit hard.

    In the future I would like to try to write a Halloween Rebus, it would be lots of fun!

    Sincerely Sophie.

  11. Dear 34/c

    I have never read a rebus story ever until we learnt about them.

    It was a bit hard but once you get used to doing this it is really easy.

    Ones about backyard cricket, footy and other things.

    From Angus

  12. Hi 3/4C,
    Yes me, Silas, and Lachy have all read Rebus story’s in the past. The Rebus was easy to do and very fun. A story about a Cat that gets lost in the snow at Christmas time.
    From Murphy, Lachy and Silas.

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