Our School Year Comes To An End. Merry Christmas!

To celebrate the end of a fantastic year, we enjoyed lots of fun activities this week.

On Monday, we walked to the local beach park and enjoyed some games and activities in the park and on the sand. The students enjoyed making sand castles and playing cricket on the sand. The playground was also very popular. Barwon Heads is a beautiful part of the country and we are very lucky to have the beach so close to our school!


On Wednesday, all students participated in our whole school Sports Day.

We completed some fun Christmas activities, including:

  • Writing about Christmas memories in the form of rebus stories
  • Making Christmas stories using Storybird
  • Creating our own Christmas board games
  • Researching Christmas traditions around the world
  • Designing our own funky reindeers


Today is the very last day of the school year. We have had a fantastic year and Miss Jordan is very proud of all of the 3/4C students.

The slideshow below features a photo of each of the students from the very start of the year and the very end of the year. It is interesting to observe how each student has changed!


The 3/4C students, along with Miss Jordan, wish everyone a very Merry Christmas a wonderful holiday break!

~A message from Miss Jordan~

After four fantastic years, I am leaving BHPS to begin working at another primary school in the area. I take so many wonderful memories of the four amazing grades I have taught here at Barwon Heads with me. I am sad to leave and will miss everyone, but I’m also looking forward to the exciting challenge of launching a brand new school. I will be starting a new blog in the new year and this will be a great way to stay connected with my past Barwon Heads students. I will post the link to my new blog in the near future.

A special thank you to my current students in 3/4C. You have made my last year at BHPS so memorable, fun and rewarding. I will miss you all. Good luck for the future!



What did you enjoy most this week?

What has been your school highlight this year?

What are you most proud of?

What are you looking forward to doing on the holidays?

10 thoughts on “Our School Year Comes To An End. Merry Christmas!

  1. Dear miss Jordan I injoyd going to the beach and playing with my friends.comeing to this school and having the best teacher in the world and making new friends. That I learnt to do my times tables and math sums.im loking ford to do some basketball and playing sport.

    • Hi Zakk,

      What a great start you made at Barwon Heads PS! You are such a happy and friendly student. I’m not surprised you have made lots of new friends.

      Good luck next year. I know you’ll have a great time with your new teacher!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Morris

  2. Dear 3/4c,
    This week I enjoyed Sports day.
    I watched my sister win the Grade 1 Girls race and also watching my dad in the parent relay.
    My school highlight of the year was probably the Sovereign Hill camp. The thing I was most proud of was definitely improving my maths and reading and now I’m really good.
    I’m a looking forward to going to Canberra, Pambula and other places in NSW
    From Murphy

    • Hi Murphy,

      I’m sure you’ll never forget your happy memories of grade three. I still remember my grade three camp too!

      Have a wonderful time on your adventure in NSW!

      Happy holidays,
      Mrs Morris

  3. Dear Miss Jordan,

    My favourite thing we did this week was the activities that I did on stupors day.

    Flynns favourite was playing cricket on the grade four picnic.

    Me and Flynns favourite was grade 4 camp and our hylights of camp were the leap of faith (it was a big achievement for both of us). A outher was the rock climbing.

    Were most proud of doing the leap of faith or climbing up it.

    From Flynn and Dan

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I enjoyed sports day because Jupiter won!

    My highlight of the year was the mr. Stink performance.

    I am most proud of getting my pen licence because I never thought I could but I did.

    I am obviously most exited for Christmas because I get to go to Byron Bay and spend time with family and friends. And our two dogs Teddy and Peppa are coming down with us.

    From Billie

  5. Dear Miss Jordan,

    Thank you so much for the fantastic year!

    I had two highlights for the week. My first one was the walk to the beach park. The weather was great that day, and the warmth made the small excursion even better. Hanging out with all our friends there was awesome!

    My second highlight was the school sports day. Mainly because Jupiter won, but also because of the fun activities/sports there. My favourite activity was definitely the scooter-board races. I also loved doing the hurdles, because I love jumping over things.

    My highlight for the year was probably going to grade 4 camp. I loved doing all the activities, like the leap of faith, the low ropes course and the rock climbing wall. The food Ralph cooked for us was spectacular, especially the delicious schnitzel we had for dinner.

    I am most proud of receiving the end of year character strength award, for demonstrating all of the 24 character strengths.

    I am most looking forward to going to Bright for the first couple of weeks in the holidays. It is a small town located in northern Victoria. It is about a 5-6 hour drive from Barwon Heads. During the summer it’s quite warm there, with an average temperature of around 26 degrees. There is no beach there, but there is a river with 2 water slides, a diving board and a small water park for younger kids. There is an ice-cream shop near the river, where the ice-cream is homemade and the flavours change every day.

    I am also looking forward to Molly’s birthday, on the 11th of January. We have organised a small party for her, and we have invited a couple of our friends dogs.

    I hope you have a great time at your new school next year Miss Jordan!

    Kind regards,

  6. Hi 34c
    I will miss you Miss Jordan and i hope you have fun at the new school.
    I liked going to grade 3 camp with you . That was the best of all .
    I am most proud of my reading that I have improved at it .
    I am looking forward going nebored .

    I wish you have a good holiday!

    From zarah

  7. Dear Miss. Jordan,

    This week I have really enjoyed sports day I tried really hard and ran my fastest.

    My school highlight was doing writing it was sooo fun.

    I am proud of my maths because I have improved a lot in it.

    I can’t wait for Christmas and going to port fairy and hanging out with my friends.

    From Daisy

  8. Dear 3/4 C,

    Congratulations on finishing your fourth or fifth year of primary school!

    I loved coming in and working with you from time to time during the year. You made me feel very welcome and it was great to work with a class with such a love of learning.

    What a great idea for Miss Jordan to post the photos from the start of the year and the end of the year. Some of your hairstyles have changed a lot! Of course there have been a lot of changes on the inside that we can’t see. A lot of you have grown in confidence, developed your thinking and learnt new skills.

    I can’t wait to follow Miss Jordan’s journey at her new school! I bet you’re all very excited for her but I know you will miss her a lot.

    Happy holidays! I might even see you down at the beach. 😎

    Mrs Morris

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