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If you are unfamiliar with blogs, they are online journals. Blogs are essentially websites where administrators (in our case Miss Jordan) can add posts which are displayed in reverse chronological order.

There are icons on the side, called widgets, where you can find past posts, recent comments, links to other blogs, our global visitors and more.

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For more information on blogs, this video clip is an excellent, simple explanation of what blogs are all about. Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Learn to Blog

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,

    looks like you had a great holiday!

    on my holiday i stayed in crown towers and went in the pool.

    see ya tomorrow

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I voted on the poll (going on holiday!)

    P.S. I was supposed to write this on my proper blog,but I forgot, so I’m writing it on this one.

  3. Hi miss Jordan and miss Curtain,
    I’ve just seen Singas blog that she has all the swimming sports info. Also I was just wondering do I leave comments of tasks under categories?
    from Oscar

  4. Dear 3/4C,
    I enjoy writing sooo much! My favourite part of it is writing the stories. I am very glad that is our topic for writing this week. The photo writing was a great success! I looked at them all and they have many great words describing their picture.
    Best wishes, Charlottexxx

  5. hi miss Jordan the iPad program has helped me so much more than last year . I have been doing a lot of homework on the weekends.can I tell you my favourite sports is cricket & tennis . My favourite BBL team is the stars. From Freddie.

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