Benefits of Blogging

2015 is the seventh year Miss Jordan has had a class blog and she’s seen so many benefits for her students.

Blogs are great because you can share work and achievements with a wide, authentic audience.

Instead of just the teacher seeing the students’ creations, all of the parents and students can view the work and leave comments. Having a blog helps to strengthen home-school partnerships and build a sense of classroom community.

In previous years, Miss Jordan (and her friend, Mrs Kathleen Morris) have noticed clear improvement with students’ skills in literacy, typing, ICT, social interactions, and geography through blogging.

Blogging provides the ideal opportunity for students to learn about appropriate online behaviours and get experience using 21st century technologies. * Look at the page on the tab up the top called Blog Guidelines to see how Miss Jordan approaches internet safety.

One of the most rewarding experiences from blogging is the global connections we make. We are able to communicate and even Skype with our blogging buddies from all over the world. Blogs flatten our classroom walls!

Kathleen Morris


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Blogging

  1. Hi Miss Jordan,
    I am fairly new to blogging but am keen to get into it this year with my students. Your blog is really easy to navigate and has given me a lot of ideas along with some of the considerations I will need to think about before I begin. I particularly like your rules and guidelines for parents and students when leaving comments on the blog. How long do you usually take to introduce your blog each year? I feel this will be quite new to the majority of my students, while I will have some fairly advanced ones too. I think I will need to spend a lot of time setting them up. Is this usually the case?
    I look forward to learning from you this year.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear 3/4c,
    Me and Will really have been enjoying sessions of independent reading our books are: the book Will is reading is a diary of a wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney and I am reading a our Australia book by Phil kettle.

    I and Murphy have very interesting books My book is about a family and the middle brother who always is embarrassed or annoyed and has a weird life Murphy’s book is a boy called Taha a his mum are from Greece and travelling around Australia to different places like Mildura and kangaroo island, longreach.
    From William and Murphy.

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