Writer’s Workshop

We use the Writer’s Workshop model in our writing sessions.

We use Writer’s Notebooks to collect ideas for our writing. Our Writer’s Notebooks are personalised with collages.




This is how the Writing Process in our Writer’s Workshop works:

1. We generate ideas for writing on an ideas page in our Writer’s Notebooks. Ideas can be recorded at any opportunity.

2. We write short entries in our Writer’s Notebook to expand on our ideas.

3. We read through our entries and select one entry to draft.

4. We complete a brief plan prior to drafting to map out our text.

5. We draft our text in our draft books. We capture the essence of the text from the entry but the draft is more detailed.

6. We revise our draft by making changes to the content to improve the writing. This stage is all about working on the craft of writing. We can draft as few or many times as necessary to achieve the best possible draft.

7. We edit the final draft by checking the punctuation, grammar, spelling and ensuring it makes sense.

8. We publish the draft to turn it into a complete, polished piece of writing.


We use the Six (+1) Traits of Writing to develop our writing craft. The traits are:

Six Traits of Writing

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