Our Amazing Art Walk!

Today, our school held its second Art Walk.

Our art teacher, Mrs Petersen, has been working busily with all classes to create artwork from different cultures. Between 11.30am and 1.30pm, all 19 grades travelled to each classroom to learn about the artistic cultures and view the artwork. It was wonderful to see the different art techniques students used to create their masterpieces.

The artwork that was featured included:

  • African necklaces from Kenya
  • Aztec Calendar Stone from Mexico
  • Kente Cloth from Ghana (West Africa)
  • Matryoshka Dolls from Russia
  • Kokeshi Dolls from Japan
  • Paper Molas from Kuna Indians
  • Day of the Dead from Mexico
  • Totem Poles from North America
  • Henna Hands from India
  • Egyptian Art from Egypt
  • Ojo de Dios from Mexico
  • Mandales from India
  • African Masks from Africa
  • Aboriginal Art from Australia
  • Origami from Japan
  • Notan from Japan

Learning about each culture’s techniques, designs, shape, colour, form, line, space and texture can really help students develop their own artistic skills.


4B focussed on Egyptian Art. They worked hard to create individual and unique pieces that demonstrate typical pharaonic designs. The use of colour made each student’s work really stand out. Check out 4B’s creations below.


The slideshow below features a selection of pieces from each class. The variety of artwork is amazing!

Thank you to Mrs Petersen for working hard with all of the students and organising our Art Walk. Everyone learnt a lot and we loved viewing the artwork in each classroom. We certainly have many talented artists at Barwon Heads Primary School!


What do you think of our artwork?

What was your highlight of the Art Walk?

What interesting information did you learn during the walk?

What are your strengths in art?