Art Walkabout

Today, our school held its first Art Walkabout.

Our art teacher, Mrs Petersen, has been working busily with all classes to create artwork featuring dogs. Each grade studied a different artist and created a dog in the style of that artist.

Some of the artists studied include Keith Haring, Paul Klee, Romero Britto, Eric Carle, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt and Banksy. Learning about different artists’ shape, form, colour, line, space and texture can really help students develop their own artistic skills.

Today all 18 grades travelled to each classroom to learn a little about the artists and view the work. It was wonderful to see the different art techniques students used to create their masterpieces.

4A studied George Rodrigue, who is well known for his Blue Dog paintings. The students in 4A created their own interpretation of a blue dog in a setting of their choice. You can view 4A’s work below.


4B focussed on Andy Warhol, who is famous for his pop art. Warhol often created artwork that featured multiple images within the one piece of art. 4B replicated this technique in their dog pictures. Check out their creations below.


Thank you to Mrs Petersen for working hard with all of the students and organising our Art Walkabout. Everyone learnt a lot and we loved viewing the artwork in each classroom. We certainly have many talented artists at Barwon Heads Primary School!


What do you think of our artwork?

What interesting information did you learn during the walkabout?

What are your strengths in art?

What creative activities do you enjoy?