Our Country, Australia

The grade four students are currently learning about our country, Australia.

Soon, we will be focussing on Oceans as our inquiry theme, but we are first refreshing ourselves with knowledge about our wonderful country.

To begin the topic, students had to draw Australia and label as many states, capital cities and towns as they could. They couldn’t look at any maps or displays, it was all done from memory. It was interesting to see what different students know about Australia.



Students were then given a map to label the states, territories and capital cities.


Australia is in the southern hemisphere and it has a population of approximately 23,404,200. There are six states and two territories in Australia and the country is surrounded by ocean.


What facts do you know about Australia?

Can you research a fact about Australia and write it in your comment? Remember not to copy and paste straight from websites. Write your fact in your own words.