Stepping Up Our Blog Comments

Recently, Miss Jordan read a post about improving the quality of blog comments on Mrs Yollis’s class blog.

Titled, “Step-up to Commenting”, this terrific post introduced a new structure to writing paragraphs in a blog comment. This process can also be used for other genres of writing too!

To enhance the quality of blog comments, Mrs Yollis uses a chart similar to the one below to encourage her students to add more detail and information to their writing.

Step up to commenting 2


Here is an example of a blog comment using the structure and colour code as described above.

Comment example


Today during our literacy session, 4A and 4B wrote blog comments using this structure. They first had to draft their comment in their writing book, underlining the sentences using the colour code to ensure they had followed the structure correctly.

Here are two examples. Click on the images to view them in full size.



Students then typed and submitted their blog comments on their iPads. It was great to see many quality comments being written during the session!


As it is the last week of term two, the question students had to answer in their blog comment was:

What have you enjoyed about semester one?


Thank you to Mrs Yollis for inspiring us to improve the quality of our blog comments!