What Is The Best Book You Have Read This Year?

In 4B, the student participate in Reader’s Workshop each day.

Part of Reader’s Workshop involves independent reading. During independent reading, students spend time practising reading strategies with a “good fit” book of their choice.


We have also read several class novels this year and we’ve also read plenty of mentor texts during writing. A mentor text helps us to to see what good writers do to create interesting stories. And of course, we have also read many picture story books during our weekly library sessions.


Miss Jordan loves to read and usually has a novel on the go at home. She also enjoys picture story books, particularly those with a message. Her favourite picture story book this year was The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild.

The Stone Lion

Here is a YouTube reading of the book. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as Miss Jordan and 4B did!


When Miss Jordan was in primary school, her favourite books were written by Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and Graeme Base. Those authors are still popular today!


What is the best book that you have read this year?

Please include some details about the best book you have read this year. You could include information such as:

  • The genre
  • The plot
  • The characters
  • The writing craft that was used
  • Why you loved the book so much!

We look forward to hearing about your favourite read this year!

It’s Book Week!

This week is Book Week!

Book Week

This year, the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) celebrates its 70th anniversary. The 2015 Book Week theme is “Books light up our world”. This is a wonderful message, as reading really is a wonderful past time and we can learn so much from what we read.

The CBCA runs Book Week each year, and our school always enjoys celebrating this national event. Books play such an important part in our learning, and to commemorate Book Week, our students are participating in the following activities:

* Dress up parade – students dress up as a book character and participate in the whole school parade.

* Multi-age art activity – students create artwork inspired by the 2015 shortlisted books.

* Borrowing competitions – students need to return their books in their library session to be in the draw for a prize.

* Book Fair – last week, students and parents had the opportunity to buy books from the Book Fair in our school foyer.

* Donate a book – students could buy a book from the Book Fair and donate it to the library.


During this term, we have enjoyed reading the CBCA short-listed picture books in our weekly library sessions. The “Book of the Year” nominations are all excellent books, with different styles and varied themes. Last week, students in all grades voted for their favourite short-listed picture book.

The slideshow below shows the nominated picture story books and some student reviews.

Today, we found out the BHPS picture books of the year:

  • Early Childhood (grades prep-2) – Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey
  • Picture Book (grades 3-6) – The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild

The official CBCA winners were:

  • Early Childhood (grades prep-2) – Go To Sleep, Jessie by Libby Gleeson
  • Picture Book (grades 3-6) – My Two Blankets by Freya Blackwood


Today was Dress Up Day and we all enjoyed seeing the costumes students and teachers wore for the occasion. The parade in our school gym was fantastic!

Afterwards, all students enjoyed participating in a multi-age art activity inspired by the short-listed picture books.

Here are some photos of the 4B students in their fabulous costumes!


Thank you to Ms Browne and Mrs Petersen for organising Book Week and our multi-age art activities!


Who is your favourite book character?

Did any costumes stand out at the whole school parade?

Which 2015 short-listed book was your favourite and why?

How do books “light up your world”?

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The students at Barwon Heads Primary School are registered for the 2014 Premier’s Reading Challenge.


The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) is a state-wide reading program that allows students to log the books they read until September. Students are issued with usernames and passwords and they can enter their books online at school or at home.

To successfully complete the challenge, students are required to read a designated number of books and most of the books need to come from the PRC book list. The requirements for the challenge for each year level are:


Here are some important PRC links:

This year, the PRC has a new mascot, Lachlan the Reading Dog. You can meet Lachlan in the short clip below.

We love reading in class every day, so the PRC will be enjoyed by everyone. There are many fantastic books in the PRC book list, and the students in 4A and 4B look forward to exploring new texts and authors during the challenge.

School holidays are a great time to relax and read, so hopefully some students have spent time reading for the PRC during their term break!

Thank you to our school librarian, Ms Browne, for registering our school and helping us find great books to read each week!


What books have you read in the PRC so far?

What PRC books to do you recommend?

What are your favourite books to read?