Book Week

This week is Book Week!


The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) runs Book Week each year, and our school always enjoys celebrating this national event. Books play such an important part in our learning, and to commemorate Book Week, our students are participating in the following activities:

* Dress up parade – students dress up as a book character and participate in the whole school parade.

* Multi-age art activity – students create artwork inspired by the 2014 shortlisted books.

* Borrowing competitions – students need to return their books in their library session to be in the draw for a prize.

* Book Fair – each day (before school and after school), students and parents can buy books from the school foyer.

* Donate a book – you can buy a book from the Book Fair and donate it to the library.

* Book of the Year – students in each class vote for their favourite short-listed picture book and the overall winner is named the BHPS Book of the Year.


Today was Dress Up Day and we all enjoyed seeing the costumes students and teachers wore for the occasion. Afterwards, the students enjoyed participating in the multi-age art activity.

We also found out the BHPS picture books of the year. The prep – grade two winner was The Swap by Jan Ormerod. The most popular grade three – grade six book was Windy Farm by Doug Macleod.


Here are some photos of the 4A and 4B students in their fabulous costumes!


Thank you to Ms Browne and Mrs Petersen for organising Book Week and our multi-age art activities!


Who is your favourite book character?

Did any costumes stand out at the whole school parade?

Which 2014 short-listed book was your favourite and why?