Dream House Project

In maths we have been working on a Dream House project.

Our learning focus was to apply our mathematical knowledge to a real life scenario.

This included our knowledge of:

  • measurement
  • perimeter
  • area
  • mapping
  • shape
  • money
  • addition / subtraction / multiplication
  • decimals.

One of our first steps was to design our dream house on graph paper and from there we had to work out many of the associated costs with building a house.

This included:

  • building costs
  • flooring costs
  • furnishing costs
  • buying a block of land to build on
  • paying bills
  • landscaping costs.

Using their mapping skills, students also had to choose a block of land to “buy” in the local area, and locate the nearest schools, shops, sporting facilities etc.


The slideshow below shows students working at different stages of the project.


Share some interesting facts about your dream house, such as the measurements, cost to build, interesting aspects of its design, some of the items you have purchased to furnish your house and where you purchased your block of land.

What have you enjoyed about the Dream House project?

How has your mathematical knowledge improved as a result of this project?