Education Week

Last week was Education Week!

On Friday, we participated in three fun Education Week experiences:

  • The Life Education Program
  • The Estimation Exhibition
  • Open Classroom for parents

Life Education Program

We visited the Life Education van and our module was titled, “All Systems Go”. Instructor Gaye, and her helper Harold, led us through some discussions and activities about the functions of various parts of our body. We focussed on the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and the nervous system.


Estimation Exhibition

For the past few weeks, classes have been preparing “estimation jars” for our first school-wide Estimation Exhibition. On Friday, all classes spent some time at the Estimation Exhibition in our gym, recording their estimations of the collections. It was fun and challenging!


Open Classroom

To celebrate Education Week, parents and family members were invited into our classrooms to participate in some interactive activities with the students. The activities in our classroom included a variety of mathematical card games focussing on improving ‘mental strategies’, Scattergories and blogging.



Here are some photos from our Fun Friday!


What was your highlight from our special day last Friday?

What did you learn in the Life Education van?

What strategies did you use during the Estimation Exhibition?

What game did you teach your mum or dad at our Open Classroom session?

Open Classroom For Education Week

This week has been Education Week!

Education Week

To celebrate Education Week, today parents and family members were invited into our classrooms to participate in some interactive activities with the students.

The five activities in the 4B classroom were:

It was great to see so many 4B parents and extended family members enjoying the session and participating enthusiastically with the children.

Here are some photos from our Open Classroom session!


What was your favourite activity?

Can you explain the rules for one of the activities we used in the Open Classroom session?

A Question For Parents, Families And Friends: What Was Your Favourite Subject At School?

Today our school is hosting a special event for Education Week.

Parents and family members are invited into the classrooms to participate in some fun activities with the students.

Education Week

One of the activities in 4B involves the parents/family members submitting a quality comment on this blog post!

We are asking our visitors to answer the following question in their blog comment…


We look forward to finding out what school subjects the 4B parents and family members enjoyed when they were at school!

Fractional Me

As part of Education Week, the grade four students have been working on a special maths task that integrates art.

Education Week

Students each created a “Fractional Me” self-portrait using small coloured squares of paper.

To complete the task:

1. Students planned their “Fractional Me” by deciding what their self portrait would look like and what colours would be used.

2. They cut up squares of paper. Each square had to be the same size. We used the folding technique to ensure the squares were of equal size.

3. Students laid out their squares and glued them to black card.

4. They then calculated and recorded the fraction of each colour that was used on their self-portrait. The total number of squares used was the denominator. Each amount of colour present became the numerator.


We discussed that some students may be able to find equivalent fractions in their self-portraits. For example:

Equivalent fractions


It was fantastic to see the students use their creativity in maths and the results are excellent! The self portraits are quite life like and very effective. Check out the photo slideshow below to see each of the “Fractional Me” posters.


The other classes at our school are all completing art based maths tasks this week too. They will all be displayed in our school gym on Friday. We look forward to seeing what the other creative students in our school produce!


What do you think of our “Fractional Me” posters?

How else can art and maths be integrated?

Can you record some equivalent fractions in your comment?

Education Week – Open Classroom

Last week was Education Week in Victorian schools.

To celebrate Education Week, parents were invited into the classrooms on Friday morning to participate in a shared learning activity with the children.

We had three maths games and a blog comment station set up for the session. It was great to see so many 4A and 4B parents enjoying the morning and participating enthusiastically in the activities.

Here are some photos of our special morning!


What was your favourite activity?

What did your mum or dad enjoy?

Can you describe the rules for one of the maths games we used?