Our Melbourne Museum Excursion

As part of our First Contacts unit of work, the grade four students and teachers visited the Melbourne Museum.

We had an early start, as the museum is about an hour and a half away from our school.

Melbourne Museum route

This is how our day unfolded…

8.00am: The buses departed from school.

10.00am: We arrived at the Melbourne Museum and watched Australia – Land Before Time at the IMAX theatre.

10.45am: Snack.

11.00pm: We visited the Wild exhibition.

11.30am: We explored the rest of the museum in groups.

12.30pm: Lunch.

1.00pm: We visited the First Peoples exhibition.

2.00pm: We left the museum.

3.30pm: We arrived back at school.

Here are some photos of our day


What was your highlight of the day?

What was your favourite exhibition?

What did you learn?

Have you ever been to a museum or IMAX theatre before?