Last Week Of Term Two

We have had an action packed last week of term.

Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews

During the week, BHPS held our annual student/parent/teacher interviews. Students led the interviews by sharing their learning achievements with their parents. The 4B students created presentations on their iPads to reflect on their semester and shared work samples that demonstrated their learning. Students spoke about:

  • Semester highlights
  • Areas of success
  • Areas for future improvement
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Inquiry
  • Specialists
  • iPad Program
  • Friendships.

Everyone spoke clearly and confidently, elaborated on their key points, made eye contact and articulated their learning extremely well. Miss Jordan is very proud of all of the 4B students for their outstanding efforts during the interviews!


Genius Hour

In our writing sessions this week, students worked on a Genius Hour project. Genius Hour allows students to explore their own passions and promotes creativity in the classroom. Students are encouraged to think about topics they want to learn more about. The three main components of Genius Hour are:

  • Students think of a “big question” they want to find the answer to
  • Students research their chosen question and create a presentation (making a movie, slideshow, poster etc)
  • Students share their work with others.

Today, students presented their Genius Hour projects to the class. Initially, students were going to share in small groups but, by popular demand, everyone shared their work in front of the whole grade. It was great to listen to the presentations and the students clearly enjoyed learning from each other!

There was a very broad range of topics covered, including specific topics in the following categories:

  • Historical events
  • Different countries
  • Instructional tutorials
  • How things work
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • Technology


Book Reports

This week, students created book reports with a twist. Instead of a traditional book report, students made “books on a box”. We used a variety of the reading strategies we have covered this term to:

  • Design a new front cover for the book
  • Summarise the novel
  • Write character profiles
  • Record interesting vocabulary
  • Rate the book out of five stars.

The students work was stuck to cereal boxes so we now have a colourful collection of three dimensional book reports!


Board Game Bonanza

To celebrate a fantastic eleven weeks of learning in 4B, we enjoyed a Board Game Bonanza today. Students played a variety of board games or card games in pairs or small groups. It was great to see the students enjoying the games…amidst some friendly competitiveness!


After a busy term full of fun and learning, we are looking forward to a two week break. We’ll be back at school on Monday 13th July.

Happy holidays!


What has been your term two highlight?

Explain your Genuis Hour project.

What did you enjoy about the “book on a box” task?

Do you have a favourite board game?

What are you looking forward to on the holidays?