“First Australians” Incursion

Today the grade four students enjoyed a fantastic incursion!

This term, the grade four students have studied Australian history for our inquiry unit. We have specificially foccused on the indigenous Australians, the First Fleet and European settlement during our First Contacts topic.

To conclude a great term of inquiry learning, Cynda and Barry from The History Box visited to expand our learning even more. To start the session, we learnt about and discussed a variety of topics relating to the first Australians, including:

  • Aboriginal history
  • Clans
  • Languages
  • Clothing
  • Art
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Symbols
  • Artefacts

Students then participated in three fun rotational activities. They were:

  • Learning and playing the ngaka ngaka game. It’s similar to the popular game noughts and crosses, but it has a twist!
  • Designing and creating jewellery using shells.
  • Sculpting an animal using clay and native materials.

Here are some photos that show the fun we had!


What was your highlight from the First Australians incursion?

What did you learn?