New Inquiry Topic: First Contacts

Our inquiry topic for this term is called First Contacts.

In this history based unit, students will explore:

  • Indigenous history of the eighteenth century
  • The lives of the Aborginal people at this time
  • Those who travelled to Australia on the First Fleet.

First Contacts Australian History Series Book

Some of our focus questions this term will be:

  • What was life like for Aboriginal people before the arrival of the Europeans?
  • What was life like in Britain in the eighteenth century?
  • Why did the Europeans settle in Australia?
  • What were the early interactions like between the Aboriginal people and the European settlers?

Today we focussed on how the indigenous Australians lived. We learnt about how they used the environment to survive, the resources they made, family life, and the roles of men and women.

To demonstrate their learning, students created a story board to show a typical day for the first Australians. Here are some examples:




The students have enjoyed the introductory lessons in this unit of work. We are all looking forward to learning more about Australia’s history.


What have you learnt so far in our First Contacts unit of work?

What do you hope to learn this term?

Can you describe what life was like for the first Australians?