We’re Back For Term Four!

We are back for our final school term for 2015.

We had a very hot day to begin our term!



We are looking forward to a very busy term, with some significant events including:

  • Bike Ed
  • Grade Four Camp
  • School Concert

We began the term with a busy day, including our first concert practice session, P.E with Mrs Sing and Music with Mr Robbo.

To reflect on their school holidays, students had to think of one specific activity or experience they enjoyed during the two week break. Students were required to write three interesting clues that described or explained the activity without using really obvious words. It was quite challenging! Students then drew a picture of their holiday memory to go alongside their clues.

Read each student’s holiday clues below. After each page of clues you will see the drawn picture with the answer!


 What did you think of the holiday clues?

What writing skills were required for this task?

What are you looking forward to this term?

What do you like doing on hot days?

We’re Back For Term Three!

Today was the first day of term three.

After two weeks of holidays, we returned to school today. We have a great term three ahead of us, with plenty of learning and fun to be had!

Some of our learning will focus on:

  • The four processes (using larger numbers)
  • Length, perimeter and area
  • Chance
  • Mapping
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Shape
  • Persuasive writing
  • Writing picture story books
  • A variety of reading strategies
  • Expanding our vocabularies
  • Sustainability


To reflect on their holidays, students wrote a brief recount explaining one of their holiday memories. They focussed on using interesting language so the readers could make a picture in their mind.

You can read the students’ holiday recounts below. You may need to view in full screen to read properly. Enjoy!


What did you think of our writing?

What was your favourite holiday experience?

What are you looking forward to in term three?

What do you want to improve on in term three?