Our iPad Program Has Launched!

It has been an exciting week at Barwon Heads Primary School, because we launched the 1:1 iPad Program in grades four, five and six!

The grade four students were thrilled to receive their very own iPads on Wednesday. Excitement was high as the iPads were distributed and students explored their new device.


Some of our brand new iPads ready to be used!

We will be using the iPads at school in some of our classroom learning activities to develop students’ knowledge and skills across the curriculum.

We have already practised a few essential skills and had some important discussions about iPad use, including:

  • How to take care of our iPads
  • How to be safe online
  • How to use the camera
  • How to type
  • How to find creative commons images
  • How to write a quality blog comment.

Here are some of the students completing some “iPad familiarisation” tasks this week


What are you looking forward to doing on your iPad at school?

What have you already learnt about responsible iPad use?

Do you have any iPad tips for us?

What is your favourite educational iPad app?