Two Guest Presenters

As part of our unit of work on Oceans, we had a special guest presenter in our classroom yesterday.

Maddie from Barwon Coast visited the grade three and four students to talk about the damage that litter can do to our environment, especially to our marine life.

The students discussed why it is so important to put litter in the bin and they were all very concerned about how litter can harm sea creatures. BHPS students are very committed to looking after the environment and ensuring that we have a litter free and sustainable Australia.

barwon coast

Thanks to Miss Curtain for writing this post!

What did you learn from Maddie’s presentation?

How can you help care for our environment?


Today, technology expert, Tony Richards, came to speak the grade four, five and six students about being safe online.

Tony delivered important messages about being responsible when using technology. He spoke about:

  • Keeping personal information off the internet
  • The importance of digital footprints
  • Strong passwords
  • Making smart and safe choices.

We can learn so much when we are online and it is fantastic to have access to amazing resources, like our iPads. We need to make sure we are always make good decisions to be responsible online users.


How can you be safe online?

What advice do you have about being responsible online?