Family Blogging Month Winner Announced!

During May, the students in 4B have been trying to get their families and friends involved in our class blog.

We had a competition called May is Family Blogging Month where we used a chart to record how many comments we were receiving from the students’ families and friends.

It was fantastic that we had lots of mums, dads, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and family friends comment on our blog!

May is now over so the winner was announced. Congratulations…


Ginger won a Dymocks book voucher and three card games she can play with her family.


Ginger has also won a guest post on our class blog! It will be interesting to see what she decides to post about.


We had around 300 comments on our blog during May and many of these comments were from family members and family friends. Thank you to everyone who got involved!

Now that the competition is over, we still hope that many friends and families of the students in 4B will continue to visit our blog regularly!


What did you think about our “May is Family Blogging Month” challenge?

What is your favourite blog post so far this year?

A Question For Parents, Families And Friends: What Was Your Favourite Subject At School?

Today our school is hosting a special event for Education Week.

Parents and family members are invited into the classrooms to participate in some fun activities with the students.

Education Week

One of the activities in 4B involves the parents/family members submitting a quality comment on this blog post!

We are asking our visitors to answer the following question in their blog comment…


We look forward to finding out what school subjects the 4B parents and family members enjoyed when they were at school!

A Question for Parents, Families and Friends: What technology did you use when you were younger?

Last week we launched May is Family Blogging Month and it has been great to see lots of parents and family members get involved.

This blog post is for parents, family members, family friends and anyone else who would like to comment!

The Grade Four students at our school are very lucky to be involved in the 1:1 iPad Program. With all students having access to an iPad at school and home, our learning adventures in 2015 are very exciting!



We have interactive whiteboards in every classroom at our school, and they are also great learning tools. We use the internet regularly to discover and learn about the world we live in. Our class blog is another source of technology and communication.

The 4B students enjoy using their own devices at home for learning and for fun. Some popular portable devices include the digital camera, iPad, iPod, Wii, X-box and PlayStation.


Miss Jordan remembers using Commodore 64 desktop computers and game consoles such as the Atari and Sega when she was young. Technology has changed a lot since then!

The slideshow below shows some of the different forms of technology Miss Jordan used when she was younger. Parents and other family members will probably recognise a lot of the images! 🙂


We would love to hear from parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends about what technology you used when you were younger and how you have seen technology develop over time. Perhaps you used typewriters, polaroid cameras, turntables, earlier model computers or telegrams? We look forward to learning all about your experiences with technology!


What technology did you use when you were younger?

May Is Family Blogging Month

The students in 4B love to share what they are learning and experiencing through this blog.

The involvement of family members in our blog is so important. It makes everything we do at school more meaningful and special.

In an effort to include more family members in our online community, we are starting a new blog comment challenge called

May is Family Blogging MonthWhenever a family member (or family friend) leaves us a comment, the student will record it on our blog comment chart using the following codes.

Family Blogging Month Codes

At the end of May, the student who has the most comments from different family members will win a prize! In order to keep the challenge fair to everyone, each student can only record one comment on the chart per day. So the goal is to get as many different family members involved as possible during the month-long challenge!

Having conversations through commenting is one of the best parts of blogging so in your comments feel free to ask questions and reply to other people’s questions.

We’re inviting everyone to comment including mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, cousins and family friends.

* Family members don’t have to comment only on this post, they can comment on any post on our blog. *

Miss Jordan has run similar competitions in the past and it is always a big success. Thanks to Mrs Yollis for coming up with this idea!

If you want to know how to write a comment and for tips on writing quality comments, click here.


What do you think of the “May is Family Blogging Month” challenge?

Which family members will you invite to comment?

Which posts do you think will be of interest to your family members?