4B Newspaper Articles

The 4B students transformed into print journalists last week, with everyone writing their own newspaper article.

Prior to writing our own, we investigated newspaper articles to discover what information is included and analyse how they are written.

Each student chose a local topic, from BHPS or the community, to report on.

Students were encouraged to include:

  • A catchy headline
  • An interesting “lead” to capture the reader’s attention
  • Informative details
  • Background information
  • Formal language
  • Quotes from relevant people
  • An image.

Everyone did a fantastic job and really got into the spirit of writing like a journalist. You can read all of the newspaper articles below. Press the full screen button to view. Enjoy!



What do you think of our news articles?

What kinds of articles do you like to read?

What writing skills did you improve on whilst writing your article?

Investigating Newspaper Articles

In 4B, we have been studying newspaper articles in our recent writing sessions.

We have read a variety of articles together as a whole class and individually. A news article discusses current or recent news of either general interest (found in daily newspapers) or of a specific topic (which can be found in daily newspapers or specialty newspapers such as finance or political papers).

Students analysed each article by identifying the following elements:

  • Who the article is about
  • What the article is about
  • Where the news is taking place
  • When the news happened
  • Why it is news
  • Who is quoted
  • What background information is included.

We have also looked at the structure of the articles and the language that journalists use.


Students were asked to bring in articles from home to study. One of our lessons involved students doing a newspaper investigation by reading these articles that were spread around the classroom. Everyone created a Google Sheet on their iPad and recorded the key elements of each article to immerse themselves in the writing genre.


Students are now writing their own news articles. We look forward to sharing them in a future blog post!


What have your learnt about newspaper articles?

What types of news articles do you enjoy reading?