2016 Rio Olympics Come To Close

The 2016 Rio Olympics have now concluded.

It has been an action packed two weeks of Olympic magic with so many amazing moments in many different sporting events. The 3/4C students enjoyed discussing the various events and results each day in class.

Here is the final medal tally.

Medal tally

Here are some interesting facts about the Rio Olympics…

  • The 2016 Rio Games are the first Olympics to be held in South America.
  • There are 306 Olympic events across 28 sports.
  • There are 6225 male athletes and 5137 female athletes competing at the Rio Games.
  • Organisers prepared approximately 60,000 meals each day to feed the athletes.
  • The Olympic Village dining hall runs the length of four Olympic swimming pools.
  • The biggest team at the Rio Games was the USA (556 competitors), followed by host nation Brazil (469 competitors), Germany (424 competitors), Australia (421 competitors) and China (404 competitors).
  • The smallest team at the Games is the South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. Their sole competitor was Etimoni Timuani in the men’s 100m (athletics).


Below is a video that captures some of the moments of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


What was your favourite moment from the 2016 Rio Olympics?

Do you have a favourite Olympic sport?

Did you learn about any new sports while watching the Olympics?

What character strengths do Olympic athletes display?

BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Today, the 31st Olympiad begins in Rio, Brazil.

Olympics Logo

To celebrate this significant global event, yesterday BHPS hosted its very own Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Each grade represented a different country. 3/4C represented Great Britain.

Union Jack flag

Everyone looked fantastic dressed up in red, blue and white!



Our school oval was transformed into a spectacular display of colour, cheering, music, flags and joy. Each country marched in the traditional parade of nations and we then listened to several Olympic speeches before the games of the 31st Olympiad were declared open!

The Olympic torch made an exciting entrance on a motorbike and a former Olympic cyclist (and grandfather to one of our grade one students), John, lit the Olympic cauldron. John was a member of the Australia Olympic team in 1972. He was a cyclist in the road race competition in Munich. Symbolic pigeons were then released.

What a fantastic celebration!

Here is a slideshow of the colour and fun that was the BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony!


After recess, students in grades three, four and five participated in a Mini Olympics. The grade six students did a fantastic job organising a variety of events and the students enjoyed themselves immensely!

It was great to see lots of parents attending our ceremony to join in with the fun. What a wonderful day we all had!


What was your highlight of our opening ceremony?

Which event did you enjoy most at the Mini Olympics?

What interesting facts do you know about the Olympics?

What sports will you watch during the Olympic Games?