Writing From A Photo

Good writers can create a picture in their readers’ minds.

They can do this by:

  • using interesting vocabulary
  • elaborating on details
  • showing, rather than telling, some of the details
  • describing all five senses (what can be seen, heard, tasted, felt and smelt)
  • using lots of adjectives (describing words) and verbs (doing words)
  • using synonyms (words with similar meanings) to make interesting word choices.


During our writing sessions over the past two weeks, students have been writing entries in their Writer’s Notebooks. Our lessons included:

  • Writing “free choice” entries from the Ideas Page in the Writer’s Notebooks
  • Using sensory details in writing
  • Writing about the environment around us
  • Writing from a photo
  • Using the “show me, don’t tell me” technique to enhance writing.


 All students brought in a photo from home to use as inspiration for a piece of writing. We focussed on including sensory details and adjectives. Everyone did a great job! Below is the writing by the 3/4C students. Enjoy!

Tip – Open in full screen to view in a larger format.


Were there any particular words or sentences you enjoyed from the students’ writing?

How has your writing improved?

What writing activity have you enjoyed so far this year?

Do you have a writing goal for this year?