Bike Education

This week, the grade four students are involved in our school Bike Education program.

Each day, students complete four rotations designed to improve their riding skills and road safety awareness. Students also participate in a daily on-road ride to practise their skills.


Some skills that students have practised include:

  • Preparing their bike and helmet for safe riding
  • The power position
  • Scanning
  • Indicating
  • Turning
  • Braking
  • Riding safely from a driveway to the road
  • Riding around parked cars
  • Giving way
  • Endurance riding
  • Riding on different surfaces
  • Riding single file
  • Riding with a partner and riding in a straight line


Here are some photos of the 4A and 4B students enjoying the Bike Ed rotations.


Students will have the opportunity to practise their riding skills again during our camp in a couple of weeks. It is also expected that the grade four students will be role models for other students when they are riding to and from school each day.

 A big thank you to all of the parents who have assisted with our Bike Ed program this week!


What do you like about Bike Ed?

What riding tip do you have for other students?

Do you like to go bike riding?

Ed’s Excellent Bike Adventure

All of the grade four students are looking forward to their practical Bike Ed lessons this week.

Before beginning our practical lessons, we have been doing some theory lessons in class.

Practical means actually trying out our skills on our bikes. We will be having two hour practical sessions each day this week.

Theory means building our knowledge. We have been learning about the road rules and safe riding in class.


To launch our road safety program, we had a visit from the RACV Street Scene. We discussed road rules and how to be safe bike riders.

Last Friday, we watched a great video called Ed’s Excellent Bike Adventure.

This ten minute video follows Ed as he discovers his ‘bike brain’ and learns to ride safely on the road.

We encourage all students to watch this video with their families and talk about safe riding.

The following A Family Guide to Bike Ed also provides excellent information for both students and their parents.

While the students will be improving their riding knowledge during Bike Ed this week, it’s very important that everyone continues to practise their bike skills with their families.


What did you learn about safe riding from the video or the guide book?

Do you like riding with your family members?