Term Two Begins!

Today was the first day of Term Two. The teachers and students in 4A and 4B are happy to begin this busy ten week term.

It was great to hear about everyone’s Easter holidays today. Many students participated in our major school fundraiser, the Sheepwash Classic Fun Run, on Easter Saturday. And of course, everyone enjoyed some yummy chocolate Easter Eggs over the break!

Sheepwash 1

Sheepwash 2

Sheepwash 3

Sheepwash Classic photos courtesy of Mrs Linda Jordan


We have lots to look forward to this term, including:

  • The district Cross Country next week for selected students
  • A new history-based inquiry topic
  • An exciting excursion to Melbourne
  • The return of our student teacher, Miss Campbell, in May
  • Lots of great learning on our iPads.


Our term commenced with a fun maths lesson today.

Our focus in maths for the first three weeks is fractions, decimals and percentages. To launch this topic, we had a great extended maths session learning about fractions. Here is what took place:

  • Students worked in pairs – called “Fractions Friends” – to make play dough.
  • Everyone completed a “Brainstorm Splash Page” individually to show Miss Jordan and Miss Curtain their current knowledge.
  • The class had a great discussion about fractions and learnt about numerators and denominators.
  • Students worked with their “fraction friend” to make examples of fractions using their play dough.
  • Students labelled their play dough fractions and took photos using their iPads.
  • Students reflected on their fractions learning by beginning a Keynote presentation on their iPads. They will complete daily updates on their learning so they will have a complete fractions reflection journal by the end of the unit.

Check out our photos to see the learning in action!

Tip: To view the images in a larger format, click the “full screen” button

We are looking forward to extending our knowledge and applying our skills in more complex fractions, decimals and percentages work this term.


What did you enjoy about your holidays?

Did you participate in the Sheepwash Classic fun run?

What are you looking forward to in Term Two?

What do you know about fractions?

What did you learn about fractions from this lesson?