Billy Cart Fun!

Our inquiry topic at the moment is called Smooth Moves. We are exploring how forces and motion affect movement.

To learn more about this topic, we had a special incursion about billy carts today. We had lots of fun learning with our instructor from Supreme Incursions, Brent.

Students were involved in a rotation of activities providing them with the skills and knowledge to safely build and drive a billy cart.

The four rotations were:

Design: designing a billy cart. Creativity was encouraged!


Workshop: building an object out of different materials.


Construction: making a billy cart from start to finish…and then dismantling it.


Racing: driving a billy cart safely.


During the incursion, the students learnt about using tools, driving techniques, force, motion, teamwork and more.


Here is a collection of photos from the incursion. Check out the fun we had!


After we finished the four rotations, we had a race between two teams!


Have you ever made a billy cart? Do you think you’ll make one in the future?

What did you learn from this incursion?

What was your highlight of the incursion?

Explain how force and motion affects the way a billy cart moves.