2016 Rio Olympics Come To Close

The 2016 Rio Olympics have now concluded.

It has been an action packed two weeks of Olympic magic with so many amazing moments in many different sporting events. The 3/4C students enjoyed discussing the various events and results each day in class.

Here is the final medal tally.

Medal tally

Here are some interesting facts about the Rio Olympics…

  • The 2016 Rio Games are the first Olympics to be held in South America.
  • There are 306 Olympic events across 28 sports.
  • There are 6225 male athletes and 5137 female athletes competing at the Rio Games.
  • Organisers prepared approximately 60,000 meals each day to feed the athletes.
  • The Olympic Village dining hall runs the length of four Olympic swimming pools.
  • The biggest team at the Rio Games was the USA (556 competitors), followed by host nation Brazil (469 competitors), Germany (424 competitors), Australia (421 competitors) and China (404 competitors).
  • The smallest team at the Games is the South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. Their sole competitor was Etimoni Timuani in the men’s 100m (athletics).


Below is a video that captures some of the moments of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


What was your favourite moment from the 2016 Rio Olympics?

Do you have a favourite Olympic sport?

Did you learn about any new sports while watching the Olympics?

What character strengths do Olympic athletes display?

Soccer Clinic

Today, 4B participated in a soccer clinic.



During the 40 minute session, students participated in several games of soccer to practise their techniques. It was great to see everyone get involved and demonstrate excellent sportsmanship.

Check out the photos of the 4B students enjoying their soccer experience!


What was your highlight of the soccer clinic?

What are your soccer strengths?

Do you play a sport?

Athletics Sports Day

Today the Grade 3 – 6 students participated in the annual House Athletic Sports.


The cool day provided perfect conditions for all events. It was wonderful to see many parents and other family members cheering on the students as they rotated through each activity.

The students participated in a variety of athletic track and field events, including:

  • 100 metre run
  • 200 metre run
  • Hurdles
  • High jump
  • Long jump
  • Triple jump
  • Discus
  • Shot put
  • 800 metre run (optional)

Every student is in a particular house (which are identified by different names and colours), and the points they score in each event goes towards their overall house total. We will know the overall house winner soon.

Miss Jordan was on the 200m event all day, and she enjoyed seeing the students trying their very best. Miss Curtain was at the finish line for the 100m and 200m, and she had some close calls with our talented sprinters! The slideshow below features some of the 4A and 4B students enjoying their day.



Well done to all of the 4A and 4B students for their excellent efforts and sportsmanship throughout the day.

A big thank you to Mrs Sing for organising a terrific Athletics Sports Day!


What was your highlight of the Athletics Sports?

Did you find any of the events challenging?

What skills do you need to perform the different athletic track and field events?