Our Pastel Portraits

Recently, the students in 4A and 4B showed off their artistic skills by creating pastel portraits of themselves.

Pastels are a great medium to use and the students experimented with different techniques in their portraits. The rich colours that pastels produce can make your artwork vibrant and really eye-catching.


photo credit: Cat Sidh via photopin cc

The aim of the task was for students to completely cover their piece of paper in colour and to create a portrait that represented themselves.

Here are 4B’s pastel portraits!


What do you think of our pastel portraits?

What art activities do you enjoy?

Starting Right Program

We have had a great start to the year with our “Starting Right” Program!

This week, all grades in our school have participated in the annual “Starting Right” program. The aim of  “Starting Right” is to begin the year by helping the students settle in, get to know each other, build friendships and focus on the five “You Can Do it” keys. The YCDI keys are:

  • Getting along
  • Organisation
  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Resilience



We have also set our classroom expectations to ensure we are always achieving our personal best. Our expectations are:

  • We have respect for students, teachers, school environment and school equipment
  • We have a positive attitude, we are enthusiastic learners and we have great manners
  • We encourage, support and care for each other
  • We put our personal best into everything we do and take pride in our work and our classroom
  • We demonstrate the You Can Do It Keys To Success.


To launch our maths program, all classes in the school completed “Maths About Me” activities. In our class, we created posters that featured mathematical information related to our own lives. It was great to see the students show their creative flair!

Many grades displayed their “Maths About Me” work in the school gym. It is great to read the mathematical information and admire the work completed by the BHPS students.




We have also had discussions about choosing “good fit” books. During Reader’s Workshop this year, students will practise specific reading strategies using books and other texts that are a good fit. In library yesterday, the students spent time choosing a variety of good fit books.



Here is our fabulous grade! We are looking forward to a wonderful year together!



What has been your highlight during the Starting Right program?

What have you already learnt this year?