Best wishes, Mr Watene!

For the past six weeks, 4A and 4B have enjoyed having Mr Watene in the classroom.

Mr Watene is a student teacher from Ballarat University and today is his last day in 4A and 4B. This was Mr Watene’s final teaching placement and in a few weeks he will finish his university degree.

During the past six weeks, Mr Watene has:

  • Been a Hooptime basketball coach
  • Assisted with high jump at the Athletics Sports Day
  • Implemented a variety of CAFE reading strategies
  • Helped students with their persuasive writing skills
  • Taught fun maths lessons
  • Launched our inquiry “sustainability”  unit of work.

On our Book Week dress up day, Mr Watene dressed up as Carl Fredricksen, from the movie Up. Here he is with the 4A and 4B students.

4A Mr Watene


Thank you and farewell, Mr Watene!


What was your favourite lesson with Mr Watene?

If you were a student teacher, what type of lessons would you like to teach?