Term Four Begins!

We are back from our holidays and we are ready for our final term of 2016!

It was great to hear about everyone’s holiday adventures and the students enjoyed sharing their highlights from the past two weeks.

To reflect on their holidays, students wrote in their gratitude journals.

We learnt about gratitude during The Resilience Project presentation a few weeks ago. Martin Heppell explained the importance of gratitude. Gratitude is also part of our Positive Education program at BHPS.


Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Students started their gratitude journals at the end of last term. Each day, students record three things they are grateful for. Today, students wrote about what they are grateful for from their holidays.

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How did you display gratitude on the holidays?

Why is gratitude important?

We’re Back For Term Four!

We are back for our final school term for 2015.

We had a very hot day to begin our term!



We are looking forward to a very busy term, with some significant events including:

  • Bike Ed
  • Grade Four Camp
  • School Concert

We began the term with a busy day, including our first concert practice session, P.E with Mrs Sing and Music with Mr Robbo.

To reflect on their school holidays, students had to think of one specific activity or experience they enjoyed during the two week break. Students were required to write three interesting clues that described or explained the activity without using really obvious words. It was quite challenging! Students then drew a picture of their holiday memory to go alongside their clues.

Read each student’s holiday clues below. After each page of clues you will see the drawn picture with the answer!


 What did you think of the holiday clues?

What writing skills were required for this task?

What are you looking forward to this term?

What do you like doing on hot days?

100 Word Holiday Writing Challenge

After each set of school holidays, the students in 4A and 4B enjoy writing about their holiday adventures.

This time we did something a little different. We had to write about our holidays in exactly 100 words! We got this idea from the 100 Word Challenge blog.

Usually we enjoy writing lots of interesting details and information in our holiday recounts, but we had to use our 100 words wisely for this task. Some students described just one event of the holidays, while others recounted a few different activities.

Here are some examples of our 100 Word Holiday Recounts.


On the first week of the holidays, my grandparents took Oscar and I to the Royal Melbourne Show. As we walked in, it was completely jam-packed with people. I went on one ride called rock star. It was great!
One of the rides caught my eye straight away. But it had height restrictions to 150cm! I didn’t think I was that tall.
Instead we went to the animal shelter. We first looked at the dogs. They had all sorts of breeds.
Lastly, we went and got 2 show-bags each. The shelter was absolutely  packed with lots of people.


On my holidays, I went to Ballarat to see some of my friends from my old school. We went to Fun Bugs which is a play centre where you can run away and be free. Some of my friends who went were Adam, James and Ryan.

Another thing that happened was that my cousin left to Korea for two whole years. It was sad to see them go.  Afterwards I went to the playground . When I got home I sat on the couch and played a little bit of ps3 (it stands for play station 3 ). It was very fun.


On the first week of the school holidays, my family and I got to go to Noosa. Everyday the sunshine looked down at us, and only once did it rain. Everyday when I got in the glistening water at the beach, I felt fish nibbling and swimming around me.
On the second last day of being at Noosa, we went for a walk around the tropical National Park. The animals we saw were in the oddest places! We saw a frill-necked lizard and three goannas.
We also saw a bearded dragon, but he/she lived in our garden.


During the last week of the holidays, I went to a fantastic soccer school for five days. It went for 7 hours a day. My coach was Papolo. He taught my group a different topic each day.
On Monday, we did passing. On Tuesday, we did first touch. On Wednesday, we did accuracy. On Thursday, we did shooting, and on the last day we did a bit of them all.
My favourite activity was shooting, because I am very accurate and engaged with power and helping my team win
I absolutely loved the Arsenal soccer school and am going back!


On Wednesday the 24th of September my cousins (Alex and Max) and my uncle and auntie (Peter and Yvonne) took me on an amazing holiday to Singapore!

We went on the night safari at the Singapore Night Zoo and saw lots of creatures great and small. The bus took us around the bus and a lady talked about the different animals and why we needed to protect and not hurt the environment so our children can experience these flora and fauna. She told us that there’s a new one of the three Rs, replant. There even was a bull elephant!

 Alex C

Cuboree is five awesome days of fun, adventure, bush, injuries and mud.

At Cuboree there are eight great activities: Time Lords, Great Australia, Great Senses, Far Far Away, Never Never Land, Cherry Lane and Robin da Hood. One of the best activities, Time Lords, is all about Doctor Who. We got to sling shot muddy balls at garlics, hide from Weeping Angels and dig for fossils.

This is the eighth Cuboree and the biggest, and more than 3500 cubs attended. All the cubs agree it was great.

The Cuboree website is http://www.vicscouts.com.au/cuboree-2014 You should check it out for more information!


Thanks to the 100 Word Challenge blog for this great idea!

What did you enjoy about your holidays?

Do you have any ideas for future writing challenges for the 4A and 4B students?

Can you leave a blog comment that is exactly 100 words in length?