Two Truths and One Lie: A Culture Exchange

In 3/4 C we love learning about the world!

World globe

We have been working on a global project with Mrs Morris and our American blogging buddies to understand more about life on the other side of the world.

The project is called:Two Truths and One Lie

This is a collaboration between 3/4 C and Mrs Yollis’ third grade class in California, USA. We live nearly 13,000km apart!

Map showing distance Barwon Heads to LA
Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan connected with Mrs Yollis through blogging back in 2009. They have worked on many global projects together to help their students connect and learn.

In September, 3/4 C collaborated with Mrs Yollis’ class for International Dot Day.

About Two Truths and One Lie

This purpose of this project is to share some information about life in Australia and learn more about America. To add an element of fun, we made this project into a guessing game!

This is how Two Truths and One Lie worked:

1) 3/4 C students chose a category they were interested in, for example: Famous Australians, Australian Animals, Cricket, School Trends, etc. Most students worked with a partner.

Catergories on whiteboard

2) The students researched information about their category. We presented our ideas to the class for feedback before publishing.


3) Students then created a Google slide on their iPads with three statements about their topic.


4) The students made two of their statements true, and one not true.


The students sent their slide to Mrs Morris who added it to the class master slideshow.

Mrs Yollis’ class followed a similar process and shared their slideshow on their blog.

Presenting our Slideshow

Check out out slides below and see if you can guess which two statements are true and which one is not true.

Hint: You might need to do some research to confirm your thoughts.


Please leave a comment and tell us which statements you think are not true!

Remember to address your comment to the person/people who created the slide. You will find their names on the slide.