Class Presentations – Eco Warriors

Yesterday, students delivered class presentations related to our inquiry topic.

Our inquiry topic, titled Eco Warriors, focuses on being sustainable and aware of global environmental issues. To make this unit more student-directed, everyone chose their own environmental topic to study. Students have been completing tasks relating to their topic and one requirement was to prepare a class presentation as a homework task.

Students were able to choose their own format for their individual presentations. They could prepare and film their presentations at home to share on the interactive whiteboard or deliver them “live” in front of the class.

The presentation options included:

  • Creating a television commercial
  • Behind The News (BTN) segment
  • Rap or song
  • News segment about how your home is environmentally friendly
  • News report about the environmental features of Barwon Heads
  • Stop motion animation
  • Oral presentation
  • Poster

Some of the environmental issues selected by the 4B students included:

  • Global warming
  • Endangered animals
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Marine life
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Deforestation
  • Renewable energy


All of the students did a fantastic job preparing and sharing their work! It was wonderful to see the creativity demonstrated by the students and everyone learned some interesting facts from each presentation.


Describe your presentation.

Is there a particular presentation that stood out for you?

What makes a good class presentation?

What did you learn from the presentations?


Instructional Videos: Vertical Addition

Last week, our maths focus was solving vertical addition equations.

We improved our addition skills earlier in the year by focussing on a range of mental strategies. Sometimes, vertical addition is a useful method to use, particularly if you are working with larger numbers or decimals.


Earlier in the week, students practised adding two, three and four digit numbers together using the vertical addition strategy. Once students were confident with this addition method, they could begin making a short instructional video to demonstrate their knowledge. This task involved:

1. Choosing an addition problem involving two, three or four digit numbers.

2. Deciding what resources and materials to use to model the problem.

3. Solving the problem aloud using the correct mathematical language.

4. Writing a script and rehearsing with a partner.

5. Filming the video using an iPad.

Here are some of our instructional videos.


This was our first attempt to make instructional videos. We learnt a lot of skills from this experience, including:

  • The importance of using the correct mathematical language
  • Speaking clearly and loudly
  • Using equipment successfully
  • Holding the iPad steady while filming.

We plan to make more videos with our iPads to demonstrate other mathematical concepts later in the year.


What did you think of our videos?

When would you use the vertical addition strategy?

What else could we make an instructional video about?