Launching Our Writer’s Notebooks

This week we have started using our Writer’s Notebooks in class!

A Writer’s Notebook is a tool that is used to help students develop their writing skills.

This is how our Writer’s Notebooks work at Barwon Heads Primary School:

1. We generate ideas for writing on an Ideas Page. Ideas can be recorded at any opportunity.

2. We write short entries in our Writer’s Notebook to expand on our ideas.

3. Our entries can be about personal experiences, opinions and reactions.

4. We use our entries as a starting point to form the basis for our different writing pieces throughout the year.


All of the 3/4C students decorated their Writer’s Notebooks at home so they now represent the students’ individuality. They look fantastic!

Writer's Notebooks 1

Writer's Notebooks 2

Writer's Notebooks 3


What do you like writing about?

What did you record on your Ideas Page?

Do you have a favourite writing genre?

Personal Narratives

Recently, we posted about our Writer’s Workshop sessions.

For the past couple of weeks, our Writer’s Workshop sessions have been devoted to working on our personal narrative drafts. A personal narrative is a text written about a personal experience. All students chose an entry from their Writer’s Notebooks as inspiration for their personal narrative. Students then worked through the writing process to draft, revise, edit and publish their work.

Drafting personal narratives

Drafting personal narratives

Publishing personal narratives on iPads

Publishing personal narratives on iPads

During this process, we spent time learning about the Six (+1) Traits of Writing. Learning about these traits helped the students to build their writing skills and focus on crafting their writing.

The Six Traits of Writing are:

  • Ideas
  • Organisation
  • Voice
  • Word Choice
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Conventions

The +1 trait is:

  • Presentation


Throughout the writing process, Miss Jordan conferenced with students to give them feedback on their work. All of the 4B students did a terrific job and worked very hard on their personal narratives. Miss Jordan is very proud of the students’ finished products!

Some of our personal narratives are presented below. Enjoy!


To celebrate this writing cycle, 4B interacted with Miss Campbell’s grade, 1B, and the students shared their writing with each other. It was wonderful to read the personal narratives written by the grade ones, and it was great to see the students giving each other feedback about their work.

 Here are some photos from our sharing session.


What did you think of the personal narratives?

How does writing and drafting improve your writing?

Can you explain one of the Six (+1) Traits of Writing?

Did you enjoy sharing your work with the grade one students?